It gives additional damage after a dash, leap, blink or teleport, so this should work everytime you aa and jump. My Illaoi – http: Late game it would take 16 attacks on the same target for press the attack to hit the same scaling that fervor hits in 8 autos, and it would take 29 attacks before press the attack actually outdamages fervor. Zombie wards got changed from 3 hp to 1 hp. Her engage is with either flash or protobelt, meaning her combo benefits from the extra pen. The resolve tree seems super underpowered to me, second wind, perserverance, and conditioning seem ok, but pretty weak overall. Glacial Augment is also other mastery it’s been looked at on Garen, and seems like a good choice, tho we are mostly scared that it’s going to be the single hardest counter to Garen tho.

This combined with Revitalize means that his shield is getting a huge boost. Team Liquid domine That’s why I am afraid of the new runes. Lissandra [ Updated ]: I just don’t see a really good keystone for Jhin. Cho’gath Top [ Updated ]: Rakan [ Updated ]:

Ultimate Hat – While I really think in theory it should be great on TF his ult is one of the strongest power points of his kit along with his W, having it up more often seeks to be maximizing that powerI feel he can’t really use it often enough to get it stacked in a reasonable amount of time. Lissandra [ Updated ]: That’s much better than hurting your trades.


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Jhin already goes warlords in live servers, you can just take warlord replacement after runes reforged too. Technically, you could get the whole E onto enemy champions in lane. I just don’t see a really good keystone for Jhin. Pretty much the conclusion we got, and the very first thing we thought about. I feel like this rune and sudden impact are perfectly made for kassadin too.

It comes down to personal preference here. It looks like he picked the runes cuz he wantednot because they were useful. With the added Leth on Predator, this path seems just a bit better. Sejuani [ Updated ]: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement maetsrias Privacy Policy.

Classic case of “what do you mean Bard maxes E second??? Not sure whether to upvote because you spent a lot of effort doing this, or maestras because a lot of rune pages are really bad that Jhin page though holy shit And that’s about it. Summoner Specialist or the other mastery might be better. Thank you so much! Gangplank doesn’t really get active items though so I feel like Augment isn’t that useful.

Sorcery or Inspiration would be good in the secondary tree. Garen spins for 3s and Glacial Augment’s slow is 2s long. I disagree with sudden impact for Annie, she’s more often going to be attacking stunned enemies than she is maetrias. As example, Talon would deal Physical dmg and Veigar would deal Magic dmg.


That Shyvana page could use some work tho, you usually don’t focus on kills that hard. With Illaoi I suppose it does depend on matchup. Join our Discord Chat for fun conversations and finding a group!

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Dernier souffle souvent simpa dans les dernier item si sa stack armure en face. Sion Supp [ Updated ]: Kalista [ Updated ]: I’m probably doing Sorcery as the primary.

It would have been a bad rework if the idea of tweaking to your playstyle was completely overtaken by what is optimal. Ryse much to say anymore but good job on doing all these runes while sitting in front of your computer for probably around an hour or longer.

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Who cares about queue times? Not to mention, losing 14 lethality from runes hurts Jhin a lot. Not sure about these Heimerdinger runes. Zyra isn’t very mana hungry. Notes de patch 9. Selon moi, Renek est un des tops les plus puissants or ses counters restent nombreux. I should put Scorch or Transcendent instead of it, in my opinion. Caitlyn Bully [ Updated ]: Quinn [ Updated ]: Transcendent is surely an option.