But whatever happened is good. Pratab gets aside to inform his man about this. Tv3 Ghana telenovelas TV Channel. Krishna picks up and jumps in joy. Shakti gets more afraid and runs out of room. Sagar says in his mind, till how long she will keep stopping herself.

She likes her young, naughty doll. Ganga wish them farewell and helps them get on a truck. Krishna gives thumbup sign to Sagar while leaving. Sagar wants to eat something now. And why she would. Ganga sits and Krishna feeds her..

Ria says ur liar.! The episode begins with Mehul perfecting the shot.

Unaware MB is trapped inside, Mehul tells his crew to burn the house even more so as to shoot. He wants his family. She asks who is it. Even Rajbeer comes there.

She kept anger, pain in her for so many years. Zoya arrives there, and eyes them stealthily from a distance, and finds kashish tensed and distraught, as she sees couples, and is reminded of pulkit.

She likes her young, naughty doll. He shouts for help but no one is there.

RK saves Madhu from the fire

Ganga wish them farewell and helps them get on a truck. He helps her in kitchen as she epsode fast today. Now she will have to go home and act of feeling sorry for Supriya. She fasts every year, right? Krishna asks then why did she keep fast and when he gave her water, she got so happy. He says Ganga proved him wrong once again. Madhvi says she will make him something.


He seems happy after so long and her happiness is in his happiness. Niranjan asks where he has been. Krishna decides to buy gifts for both Ganga and Sagar. Krishna brings Sagar to Ganga. Wizards of GH Telenovelas Movie. Madhu comes to Madhuabla and says. Bittu asks Rishbala to leave and says will finish the formalities and come! Ria fumes seeing them! The screen freezes on her face. Sagar catches her in his arms. Woman turns and he is shocked to see Natasha.

MB madhugala for help in front of the camera but it is off. RK episkde a forest fire.

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Episode | Free Watch old Tv Serials Online

Pratab gets aside to inform his man about this. Other hand, Pulkit gives water to Kashish. He says he does not know but someone is there for sure.

He calls his mother Saudamini and tires to hide under bed. Supriya feels angry and leaves.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Episode – 18th December | Drama Serial | Watch TV Shows

He tried a lot, but she was not ready to listen to him. They will always be together. Sagar asks her she kept maxhubala for him?


Madhu is relieved seeing RK and hugs him.! He thought Ganga has nothing for him in her heart, but he was wrong.

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

She kept fast for him? He knows Supriya kept fast for him. He then gets up and sees Natasha not there. He panics and says she is dead. He has been avoiding Kashish. She kept fast for him. He is nothing to them. Ganga sees everyone looking at them. Krishna brings water and gives it to Sagar. Despite trying so hard, result is not in her favour. Shiv opens the gate and tells them to come down.

Sagar makes Ganga drink the water. He says sorry to everyone and says situation became such that he had to go.