It is rather difficutl to relate to inha’s and yoonhee’s character because its set in the 70s, so back then shy and quiet girls should be extremely shy and quiet so they speak with their eyes and facial expression ha-ha and inha may be representing majority of the boys to not be confident in confessing his love for yoonhee and to fight for it. Lesson of the Evil Japanese Movie. Click here to learn more. The Ultimate Limit Japanese Movie. Kimi Wa Petto Japanese Drama. I admire the cinematographer for showing what Yoon PD wants to express.

Cheese in the Trap Korean Drama. Overall I’m digging the plot. When Lee Hwon tries to escape the palace walls for a little adventure, he encounters Heo Yeon Woo, the intelligent daughter of a nobleman. Hotaru no Hikari Japanese Drama. Koko ni Aru Shiawase Japanese Special. The Princess’ Man Korean Drama. Endless Love Korean Drama. Very Ordinary Couple Korean Movie.

Remember everyone, there is a lot left, so don’t waste your time stressing out how each single episode is being rated I never post any in-depth stuff but I feel I need to for this drama.

How to appreciate “Love Rain” fully even after broadcasting –

First Kiss Japanese Drama. If you are very new to Korean culture and if you find this list overwhelming then we recommend that you watch atleast the top 5 dramas that we have shortlisted and let us know what you think. Falling for Innocence Korean Drama. Secret Door Korean Drama. Seo In Guk Main Cast. With a cold personality, he only cares about his music, uninterested in a traditional career or future.


The Last Recipe Japanese Movie. Again, glad to see others not caring about ratings. C’est Si Bon Korean Movie. Unstoppable Marriage Korean Movie. Glowing She Korean Drama.

The Blue Flame Japanese Movie. Overall I’m digging the plot. Page Turner Korean Special.

How to appreciate “Love Rain” fully even after broadcasting

It’s like an “Indie Film”. Park Se Young Main Cast. Bel Ami Korean Drama. Lucky Seven Japanese Drama. But Yoon PD uses a lot that’s why I’ll make a review every episode and look for those.

What Happened in Bali Korean Drama. Can’t Lose Korean Drama. Not wanting to ruin his friendship, In Ha takes a backseat and watches as the girl he loves gets farther away from him. Sorry for my rambling, but I thought this drama deserves an opinion from somebody who actually saw it with more of an open mind rather than “This drama got 5. Rurouni Kenshin Japanese Movie. Tamagawa Kuyakusho of the Dead Japanese Drama. I would avoid and not show up to events, too. Remember, these people aren’t that familiar with one another.

Ando Lloyd – A. Protect the Boss Korean Drama. Coffee House Korean Drama. First, I can understand a little bit of why the ratings may be a little on the low side. Dal Ja’s Spring Korean Drama.

27 Popular Romantic Korean Dramas you must watch

The Age of Shadows Korean Movie. Witch’s Romance Korean Drama. In Ha also keeps painting Yoon Hee, and keeps blowing off meetings with his friends as she might be there. Strobe Edge Japanese Movie. Gu Family Book Korean Drama.


I watched the episode and I watched the main couple last projetcs. What’s Up Korean Drama. I will wait for this show until its finished and then I will watch it with subs. Now, he must concentrate on his creativity as a Director.

Complete with a lot of twists and turns, this love triangle unfolds over a backdrop of good food and fun. Bad Guy Korean Drama.

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant Korean Movie. Jae Ha resists, but he then learns of Kim Hang Ah, the daughter of a North Korean general and the only girl on the team. It’s funny how in the 70s it was Lee Dong Wook that liked Yoon Hee, and now in the present it’s the other way around. After harboring an all-consuming crush for years, she finally gets up the courage to give him a letter confessing her feelings.

Akko’s Secret Japanese Movie.

Love Rain Episode 12 [English Substitles] – Dailymotion Video

Choi Si Won of the popular group Super Junior and Chae Rim star in this fun, upbeat story of a spunky housewife and a demanding superstar who fall in love.

Thank You Korean Drama. Ishitachi no Renai Jijo Japanese Drama. Create new account Request new password. I’m Home Japanese Drama. I have never watched this PD’s work but I actually love the slower pace he has set.