Even his brother gave his blessing. But there would have to be an epic fall off in ratings. Some of the scenes are cute, but i still find it a bit unbelievable. I will wait for this show until its finished and then I will watch it with subs. Da-jung is nearby, and hears those words. Couldn’t stand Stairway to Heaven.

Some of the scenes are cute, but i still find it a bit unbelievable. Actually, Yoon PD said in an interview before that he is particular in using colors. Vic March 12, at JYJ Junsu menyelesaikan konser di jakarta dengan s But JSG’s character just stays there looking to her, and when she talks to him he says things that makes her think he doesn’t like her. Eun-seok has gone straight from a fancy gala to a poorer district of town, determined to track down Min-gu. I don’t think I would change the channel for the acting, it really isn’t as bad as some people made it out to be -I mean just read some comments at dramabeans and it seems like people didn’t even see the episode and they wanted to bash the main characters already.

Love your writing style. I was a big fan of Rain too after Full House, but after watching some of his other weird works like Sang Doo!

Cant be helped with the ratings but I am positive that it will pick up. I am a Rain fan. Will their love for each dramzcrazy keep them together or will they have to face the same fate as their parents? And Yoon Hee is supposed to be a nice girl. JKS is a good actor and i don’t see a problem with him acting in a production like this.

Kang Min-gu, you bastard! Sad violin music plays as Da-jung views a wedding dress through a store window, and we get a closeup of her neck where a minor cosmetic burn remains.

Love Rain Episode 18 May 23rd, It’s not everyday we see a kiss that seems real or passionate or whatever you wanna call it, in korean drama. They are cute and funny LOL. I will wait for this show until its finished and then I will watch it with subs. When the girl woke up, the man turned back and gave her a proper hug, and then, she closed her eyes again with a smile on her lips and took another nap, peacefully and happily. At that point, he comes to the realization that in some cosmic twisted joke, he falls in love with the one person, whom he believes, caused his brother’s downfall.


Love Rain Episode 2 March ,ove, No joke, he really is a professional loser. Any and all snark for this drama ddramacrazy from pure love, because I find this show in the category of being entertainingly bad with flashes of brilliance, rather than just bad.

I’m enjoying watching JGS and Yoona, they are so sweet and oh so innocent. I loved this drama and sorry for the other opinions but I liked the kiss too. As you can see, she’s mostly using her eyes when she acts probably directed by Director Yoon. Even so, the shots remain organic and interesting, lending A Love to Kill more of a movie-like feel that I really enjoyed.

Jang Keun Suk twittered Share on Facebook. But I don’t think it was just revenge for his brother – I think it was for himself, too, because it killed him to lose his brother all those years before, and he was so happy to get him back – and loove to immediately lose him again, because of what he believed to be lovr fickle heart?

That and the 3 seconds to fall in love even though that is In Ha’s theory. This is the drama that got me to love Bi and also Shin Min Ah, I have always liked her but she was just exceptionally gorgeous here and she made such a good couple with Bi. But we don’t get to see that until near the end of the drama.

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I dnt recommend this at all. Another nice moment was In Ha cheering when he believed he got that dramaceazy, I mean who wouldn’t cheer? Or maybe I dramcrazy the only who is not familiar lovee them other than bora, yoona and JGS.

Some spoiler of ep 1 may apply in this article. I find it weird to see a man Seo In Ha so innocent. What keeps me with this drama is the fact that those actors, esp Rain and Shin Min Ah, successfully convinced me emotionally, though not a plot-wise drama afterall. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. He obviously isn’t going to get one right away, and finding an old broken one was actually kind of funny.


I just felt that sometimes fans of the leads are a little elisode towards the drama me included so I’m always interested to know opinions of neutral followers. The ratings does not define wether the drama is good or bad. This was one of my first dramas, so everything about it either intrigued, allured, surprised or repulsed me. Anyway, acting is great and shots are beautiful so I am looking forward to the next episode despite the low ratings and the 70s theme.

Well, that explains why she always wears a neck scarf.

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I was initially drawn to this series because of how dark it seemed to skew, and because a love story set in the background of revenge sounded epic at the dramacrzay. Like everyone out there, I could not make sense of the ending.

It makes the discussion more fun.

She tries to find him at his old place to no avail, as his former landlady tells Eun-seok that he ran away with some unpaid rent. But man, I hated A Love to Kill! I love Shin Mina, but this is just too much melodrama for me. The fact that he kissed that mouth that had just spewed out a disgusting river of the foulest stinkiest vomit known to korean drama and perhaps the whole of mankind, proves that he is a very brave man indeed.

Your dissection of BoKgu’s motive rrain your statements above, was spot on. Love Rain Episode 17 May 22nd, I will cross my fingers for higher ratings and will wait impatiently for this show. I couldn’t endure anymore, so after few episodes I dropped it in the middle.

Menu Diet Super Junior Kangin! Love Rain Episode 4 April 5th,