And when it does, there’s no stopping it, as Carter ruthlessly, and recklessly, sets about dealing with his enemies. Edit Details Official Sites: Big Chris takes his son with him debt collecting, and while he beats up someone who owes chastises him for swearing in front of his son and Rory Breaker is the most idiotic drug-lord you could come up with. Frequently Asked Questions Q: I’ve probably seen it close to 10 times and it hasn’t gotten old yet. Ultimately, this is superb, extremely gritty, and powerful drama. I haven’t even mentioned the excellent and unique camerawork, speaker blowing soundtrack, beautifully threaded plot, perfect ending and the grittiest visuals I’ve seen. The characters are two-dimensional.

I was a total and complete sucker for this film. In contrast, “Get Carter” is unremittingly bleak. You wont see any reflective glass laden sky scrapers here, or ‘over head city shots’, or incredible special effects. There is nothing for you here. Quotes [ first lines ] Bacon: The film also contains elements of social comment and class politics. I haven’t actually seen “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” or any of the “Right Royal Cockney Barrel O’Monkeys” type films which followed it, but I get the impression that these are merely dumb entertainment for “new” lads.

Everything in this film was, to my eye, perfect – casting, the camerawork, the excellent dialogue “It’s been emotional.

The humor is incredibly sharp yet ‘as a matter of fact’. Willie as Charlie Forbes Vinnie Jones If you like snd write screenplays, let this one take you for a spin.

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I really don’t think of myself as easily impressed, and I have seen a hell of a lot of films in my time, but this one instantly made my Top 10 after only a single viewing. Like music videos, it is all non-stop movement and sound. Goofs In the director’s cut, when Kenny and Gary have stolen the guns and the old man shoots a hole in Gary’s hair, Dean says, “are you all right, Gary? Quotes [ first lines ] Bacon: The kock of the cast aren’t common faces in America aside from Sting but they all have the charisma to keep the audience interested.


It thus provides some subtle social commentary as well, although one may easily miss it. I suppose the most obvious feature of this movie is that it is beautifully balanced between being serious and humorous at the same time. Our Favorite ’90s Movie Soundtracks.


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Never seen daylight, moonlight, Israelite. Forget Lock Stock and 2 smoking Strongman and enforcer Jack Carter Michael Caine returns to his native North East of England to investigate the suspicious death of his brother. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 8. I wouldn’t change one damn thing. The industrial city of Newcastle is depicted as gritty, seedy and unapologetically working class. The film also contains elements of social comment and class politics.

The makers of the film cannot have been unaware of the implications of this sexual hypocrisy. Edit Storyline Four Jack-the-lads find themselves heavily – seriously heavily – in debt to an East End hard man and his enforcers after a crooked card game. I am a bit dismayed to see some of the marketing of this film comparing it to other things like Quentin Tarantino films or Trainspotting.

Ritchie’s film is a much more involved, complex, layered work than the aforementioned comparisons. The grim Newcastle locations add to an atmosphere of decay and despair. It’s not exhilarating or glamorous, but instead deliberate, relentless, and, above all, cold.

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The original region 1 version has the sound in sync with the lip movement.


The film is quite violent, both on and off barreels, but it’s also uniformly humorous throughout.

The movie keeps you guessing as to the outcome when the story becomes complex with multiple lies and double-crosses but the ending satisfies. You wont see any reflective glass laden sky scrapers here, or ‘over head city shots’, or incredible special effects.

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While his secondary performance is solid, as usual, it is also unmemorable. The greekk time I saw this movie I had difficulty in understanding a lot of the dialogue not just because of the weird accent, but because the actors spoke so damn fast. There are also many subtle touches of black humour.

When his brother dies under mysterious circumstances adn a car accident, London gangster Jack Carter travels to Newcastle to investigate. Mike Hodges screenplayTed Lewis novel Writer: The cast is comprised of mostly young, veteran, male actors.

In addition to its raw grittiness, the film is also very intense. A terrible Frank Sinatra movie.

His energetic, ultra-contemporary camera work incorporates through a fresh perspective such devices as slow motion, fast motion, and freeze-frame coupled with narration. Guy Ritchie brings us a hilarious look into the London criminal underground in one of his earliest features.