Later, Andy Dick promotes “”Newsradio. After showing past clips of disastrous attempts at stuffing guys in rabbit outfits inside various locales, Dave announces that it’s time to play “”How Many Sailors Can Get into a New York City Chicken Restaurant? Later, Dave checks his temperature An audience member hangs out in the band section; Mujibur and Sirajul become the latest witnesses to testify for O. Tonight marks the debut of “Alan Kalter’s Secret Word. After Dave accidentally puts Biff in a daze, he calls up Sylver to figure out what to do with his entranced stage manager. After the first commercial break, John Goodman lunges into the fountain. Also, Bob Borden interrogates Larry King.

By the end of the show, the Hi-Ho Girls are helping Travis repair his bike. An audience member gives Dave a tiny pair of pants; Gavin MacLeod pops in several times, interrupting the monologue and presenting the Top Ten. Dave apologizes for his affair with Angela Lansbury, while Biff apologizes for his affair with Dave’s wife. Also, the secret word is “elliptical. Dave continues pestering locals with the new hands-free car phone: Chris Schmitt of Ottawa, Kansas asks why Biff has a scowl on his face. As a condolence, Dave presents the mayor with a gazebo, courtesy of “”Gazebo Weekly.

Paul Newman drops by to annoy Dave; outtakes from last week’s “”Olympic Hopefuls”” piece are shown; Dave persuades a less-than-homesick Dorothy to go back to Indianapolis. Peter Frampton sits in; Dave discusses Clinton’s health care plan with a group of cab drivers; seven-year-old sheep handler Amanda Archiletta lif an on-stage demonstration. Dave discusses aerosol cheese with last minute guest Chef Michael Lomonaco who says, “It’s great when you’re driving, actually.

The Runaway Camera is roaming the streets of New York City, getting squeegied, hit by delixhows bike, down a manhole, running into Rupert Jee, and going into “Cats” and “Flashdancers.

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Dave and Tony switch places for a few minutes; David Schwimmer is reunited with the mafdie who played Marcel on Friends; Dave announces that “Dick Assmania” has officially swept the eastern seaboard. During a segment comparing President Clinton’s vacation to Dave’s, a stockbroker comes in for a hug.

With tonight’s audience representing Denver, Colorado, Dave interrupts the monologue to introduce an audience guy who ends seadon proposing to his girlfriend. Dave shows a clip that shows that even though he’s only been on the network for two weeks, but there’s already trouble on Bryant Gumbel’s Early Show.


Later, Robert Pastorelli promotes his new drama “Cracker.

Doc Severinsen is still sitting in; The Delaria Sisters, a group of women who hang by their hair on a pole, demonstrate their skills; Dave chats with a grade-schooler who ran off a burgler. Paul leaves the show to seasln his own spinoff chatfest; comedian Bill Irwin; the cast of “”Stomp”” performs. Dave demonstrates a triple pencil flip; Rupert finds one of Dave’s blue cards attached to Mary Tyler Moore’s backside; Dave shows old footage of Andy Kaufman dancing with a giant snake.

Dave tries to call Sumner Redstone’s office, then persuades Ricki Lake to make a crank call to Oprah. Regis suddenly pops out of the audience, heckles them, and gets thrown out of the theater. It’s time for another Late Show experiment: Neither are seen or heard from again.

Dave complains that the cue-card Tony is holding is too small, so Inky replaces it with a giant banner; ten mayors of other cities present the Top Ten; a blue card is missing and soon ljv taped to Sandra Bullock’s backside. Dave’s coffee is cold, so he goes out and warms it himself with a taxi battery; George Miller comments on today’s solar eclipse; Dave picks a dead fly off his sport coat.

A “News in Review” segment is translated into Chinese, while Dave epizode cuts delushows while crawling under his desk. Country legend Marty Stuart sits in, while a disgruntled alien Gerard comments on inaccuracies in the movie Independence Day. Dave discusses politics with a bunch of cabbies; Chris Farley demonstrates his physically demanding comedy routine; Sharon Stone waltzes with one of the cabbies. Paul says the idea “looked great on paper.

Dave deems the show to be such a success that delkshows announces the production of four spin-offs, “”Rupert Touches Meat,”” “”Leonard’s Candid Camera,”” “”Kenny’s Baywatch”” with the stagehands running in slow motion delishoqs, and “”Late Show with Carlos Huaycaga. Dave takes his show to LA for the first time since Dave freshens up by walking outside the theater, towards a hot dog vendor, and washing his face in the dirty hot dog water.

Michael Buffer announces Phil Hartman’s entry onstage; a comely postal carrier distracts Dave. With the possibility of a rare hurricane hitting New York City, Paul checks for “talk show closings” and Dave comes on stage in a poncho and galoshes.


Janeane Garofalo becomes episoed latest guest host; “slide whistle legend” Bazeel sits in; Janeane does tonight’s interviews sitting in a school desk placed in front of Dave’s desk; Bob Odenkirk and David Cross make funny noises; Bazeel and the band performs “Wipe Out.

Delushows Mayall sits in; Dave comments on his much-scrutinized performance as host of last week’s Academy Awards.

Liv And Maddie Season 1 Episode 7 Dodge A Rooney

After the first commercial break, John Goodman lunges into the fountain. Dave sends audience members Nico and Ingrid Van Eenennaan to London to promote the show’s visit next week with a camcorder, root beer, and the Giant Flying Rat. An audience member hangs out in the band section; Mujibur and Sirajul become the latest witnesses to testify for O. Later, Howard Stern plays with his gut and strips to his underwear in order to show off his legs.

Rapidly becoming despondent, he picks up abd bottle of tequila and tosses back a few at the desk. Throughout this year’s World Series, kid reporter Sparky Mortimer has been making reports from the stadiums in Cleveland and Atlanta. Dave calls the corner pay phones, but no one answers.

Mayor Giuliani shows up to put an apple on the Christmas tree, then gets in on a few pictures with Dave, Paul, and two dwlishows members. The Home Office Competition continues: The giant flying rat dons a sombrero; Dave leaves the show early to marry Drew Barrymore; a man gets kicked in the face by a racehorse; Dave and Paul go supermarket shopping.

Biff doing a quadruple take upon seeing Dave’s slacks getting cut at the knee; Dave’s contact lens fall out, so he wears his glasses for half the show; Brett Butler performs a Stupid Human Trick. Dave talks about the a new unauthorized autobiography of Martha Stewart; tonight’s guest bowler is Hall of Famer Carmen Salvino; Dave appears in deoishows 50’s-style cigarette ad; Evander Holyfield gives Dave his account of the incident that occurred in his fight last weekend with Mike Tyson.

The cast and crew explains why they’re glad the O.

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