Looking for something different. I only have a few addons and they are working great. Suggest searching why to no longer use Neptune, the Blamo repo, and anything associated with TV Addons which now includes Exodus 8 and Neptune. Does WS offer email notifications services when new or updated Kodi addons become available? Exodus is much better for me than the others, I get more results with better working sources and it does not even appear on the list. The best streaming add-on is incursion hands down. Is there anything out there that might be better then Kodi? Just switched to Seren for my primary, with Yoda and 13Clowns as backups.

Loving brettus fab for docus and showbox arise n gen reborn happy days…Though plz let me no if theres any new doccumentry addons thnx…. Magic Dragon is the only addon I have for TV. How To Install Whisky One. I tried a lot of addons lately and for me the best addons are 1: Is there a trick to this. Very slow feed and constantly buffering to the point of aggravation.

All this moaning about boxes not working! They were in the electronics stores collecting dust for like 6 years.

I episoode noticed that in the last few days everytime I look for a film in exodus it tells me there are no streams. Where am I to turn? I love my firestick and look for new things every week. Can coucytuner suggest a better add-on or a way to fix this issue? I have tried 6 of the top 10 and the results are: Beyond BordersSeason 1 Episode 13 text http: Put Titanium build on it, it maintains all addons and everything else, install all the best addons each update, no problem.


I would look for the pattern and eliminate using that uploaders links. Thanks and Africa loves you guys. All my video plugins now have this problem! What is not to like. Yesterday I upgraded from I added couchtunr new Covenent and also Genesis Reborn and have tried to download some movies. Dont listen to these liars who say its because the developers are tired or addons come and go.

It has two main sections each with a long list of games. Neptune rising isnt actually that good, it doesnt offer half the streams couchtunrr are available.

Most Add-ons so far work with Kodi 18, but with the every changing nightly builds they can have problems at times. I have starting over and retyped the address with no luck. That may be a particularly wisely written article.

I do not have a real debrid account, I just use the addon regularly. I like Fantastic and movie theater butter has good content. How Is a Kodi Addon Installed? How To Install Exodus Redux. How To Install Reality.

I must be blind because it is not in the list… how come??? How To Install Xtina.


Incursion is my 2nd choice. It works great with your trakt. HD takes much more bandwidth and data to stream. It is the best addon for real seaaon links. Still seems to work well.

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The exodus no longer works. I have very good speed and connection I have a VPN subscription to help with connections and constantly streams freeze up and sometimes just stop working mid show then I have to restart it.

A VPN is not necessary to use Kodi but can hide all online activities which has become very desirable. Low speed internet connections and limited data plans are better off using SD streams.

Best Kodi Music Addons 9. We add new ones that are found to be working to this list and non-working ones removed.

How To Install Subs Movies. Wolf Pack Wolfpack is an older Kodi Add-on loaded with lots of content that has been steadily updated. The only add-ons that work perfect are Supremacy and the Magic Dragon. I use Exodus 6, Couchtujer Dragon, Magicality mainly supplementing stored content. I got a deal on Amazon.