You may remember the Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Technique took top honors in with a record-setting score of points out of Daily or weekly newsletter? A bridge over a river in your city looks simple, but the engineering and construction of them are anything but easy. When I visited the manufacture last August, I was really blown away by the impressive production facilities and attention to detail and quality control. September 4, at 6: Taking enameling and miniature painting out of the mix, they pretty much have it all.

Well, a lot of things, including almost every major war; the creation of new land by volcanoes; and the biggest bang of a beginning: That’s the technical argument for multi-axis tourbillons in general, and for Greubel Forsey’s inclined tourbillons in particular. This kind of hand-finishing is extremely time consuming and has a lot to do with the high cost of Greubel Forsey watches, as well as with the very low numbers in which they are produced Greubel Forsey says annual production hovers somewhere between 80 and watches per year. Four co-axial mainspring barrels; hour power reserve with power reserve indication. I managed to get one which was in platinum case, but with a WG dial. July 30, at 7:

Talking Watches With Gary Shteyngart.

Some solutions have been proposed with multi-axis tourbillons spinning in multiple directions. That is if it could hold a pen. The duo realized that the main problem was controlling friction and needing to compensate for when the balance switched from most positions to straight vertical, only spinning on the end of its staff with the lowest amount of friction possible.

I would have to say it shows! Firstly, and most importantly if you are to know why I love these things called watches, is the fact that I ADORE mechanical complexity disguised as simplicity and it being given ample room to spread its wings of wonder over the viewer.

A regular tourbillon does not solve this issue in a wristwatch.

That is the absolute genius behind the construction of llmited-edition Technique: So an entirely new movement was designed from the ground up with inspiration coming from many places in the industrial world and even partly from something very near and dear to Greubel Forsey: What does beginning with a bang have to do with anything?


Only eight of these incredible sapphire watches will be produced, with each numbered on the movement itself. That means standing straight up, only spinning on the tip of its staff, with the least amount of its surface area rubbing against the jewels.

One of the greatest factors in determining the variability of the rate in a watch is the friction on the balance staff caused by rubbing in its pivots. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The sapphire case lets you see every bit of the movement, including the edges. The mixture of metals, finishes, and colors, as well limited-editjon the depth of the dial make this limitfd-edition sort of watch you have to look at more than a few times to appreciate everything that is going on.

What have limited-ddition here now???

Many years ago I asked Stephen Forsey if they actually worked and he said, “Well, you know, the thing about tourbillons is that it’s always a struggle to gain more than you lose. Click through for the full tdchnique. Only one person has survived this amount of G-forces, but they never saw this watch!

Feel free limlted-edition contribute! Hours, minutes, seconds, and power reserve indicator. The only indication is that canted tourbillon spinning around at the bottom. It seems those words of wisdom have been around quite a long time.

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But the thing that makes the […]. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Please add me to your mailing list.

With traditional skeletonization, the architecture is opened up and reduced to a minimum, but still left in a flat plane with very little increased depth.

Oh, and remember about five years ago when there was a sort of mini-trend of folks with maybe more money than sense taking six figure watches into the pool? April 27, at 2: You have got me interested to look deeper into the physics and maths involved, though.


Taking enameling and miniature painting out of the mix, they pretty much have it all. Three day test periods later, and what I can only assume were some terribly chewed-on fingernails, the results were released with great elation.

Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30°

Dramatic maybe; accurate yes! Hannah Elliott And Magnus Walker. But why is that such a big deal, it was just one tourbillon beating another tourbillon, right? Even the power barrel is finished to an almost unbelievable degree by Greubel Forsey.

Ironically, I linited-edition suggest that since all of the Vision 30 in all metals, as well as in all of the Invention Pieces are sold out, the MOST basic entry level Grubel Forsey in plain white dial with 24 incline which I had to borrow money to buyis and could be a watch to end all.

Well, a lot of things, including almost every major war; the creation of new land greugel volcanoes; and the biggest bang of a beginning: Four co-axial mainspring barrels; hour power reserve with power reserve indication. It was a unique design that incorporated ideas that Greubel and Forsey invented with a double tourbillon on an incline of 30 degrees that they believed from the beginning solved many problems with the basic tourbillon.

September 4, at 6: This is done to average out gravity-induced errors on the oscillator. The chances of the watch being located at precisely 30 degrees so that the balance staff would be vertical are drastically reduced and any natural resting position would put the watch back into a well-regulated state.

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