Grab all the optional photos in Life is Strange with our collectible guides, covering every episode of the series so far. After Victoria, you turn back into Max. Again, simply dodge the lights and use your powers in the event you get caught. This time Max ends up back in the classroom of the first day, but she is determined to expose Jefferson. Optional Photo 9 is obtained during this locker sequence. First, you can speak to Frank and tell him the truth about Rachel.

A fuse box is near by though so go to it and flip the switch. Stay behind cover, then run from cover to cover each time the light rotates past you. Next, grab your cell phone, and Max will text David all the information about Jefferson. There is a new photo on the top shelf, so look at it, then focus in on it to travel in time again. Optional Photo 6 is a quick one to pick up. First you need to find David’s phone number, so look in your bag on the floor to find a book, then flip through it to get to the phone numbers.

Eventually this culminates in the digicodd decision of the game. When you do, the man in the other room dies, but this must happen for now. Walk through where the digicose was and turn left. After saving the diner, turn around and look at the dead whale to be able to take it’s picture. Once you stand up, look at the etchings in the desk in front of you. A fuse box is near by though so go to it and flip the switch.

Things play out differently this time around, and eventually Max will get up. Don’t go in quite yet though! Andromeda The Escapist Staff 5 Comments. After exiting this sequence, you will be in for many cutscenes.

On the right side you will see the ever in trouble Alyssa, who this time needs to be saved from a heavily damaged building. Latest Videos Reviews Everything.

Head down there to find a red headed girl. There is a new photo on the top shelf, sigicode look at it, then focus in on it to travel in time episofe.


Find him on Twitter here. Use it, dump the sand on the fuel and you will save the diner stramge destruction. When you go to leave, Jefferson appears and a very strange conversation will play out. Once you see it, rewind time as far as you can, then when Jefferson digiccode to walk away there will be a speak option for him. Just before entering this side door, turn around and look up to spot a car on the roof of the building.

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Now go flip the switch again and this time the fire will go out without him having to die. The Unofficial Stargate Trilogy m00se 20 Comments. Once you get passed all the lockers, there is one more sequence where you must get through the junkyard replica. Quickly talk to him and bring up the fact he has your journal. There is a quick puzzle to solve, where you must find a 4 digit code.

Life is Strange Episode 5 Guide: The Last Digital Code

Then last part is the same as above for distracting Jefferson. Once through this part, there will be more cutscenes, and a strange series of dialogue with an alternate version of Max at the diner.

Rewind back as far as you can, then go djgicode to the side of the diner to find a box of sand.

Optional Photo 7 can be grabbed during this part. The first is Evan. Max freaks out, and eventually you end up in the lower section.

Enter the building, and you will see your path blocked by fire. Optional Photo 3 is briefly available. Max will now be back in town, amidst it’s annihilation by the tornado. Optional Photo 8 is found during this backwards sequence.

With the journal now on the ground, Max can look at the photo to further jump through time. Some of the numerical passwords in Dark Room require etrange long episodee, so check out the list below for easy solutions to tricky problems.


You will now be in a long scene with Chloe.

Episode Four – All Passcode Puzzle Solutions

Now, Max will interrupt Jefferson before he drugs her, and you can choose to have him take a photo, giving you picture 3.

Now that it’s free, look to your right, and pull the cart over. Iss as David enters the room, rewind time as far as possible. Some require pulling up clues from previous episodes, while others can be overcome in completely optional ways.

The next few areas are all a large game of hide and seek. Just before travelling back in time, you will be given one more choice. You will hear the trucker calling for help. There are multiple solutions to every puzzle listed in the sections below, but if you’re looking for the fastest answer, we’ve listed each passcode beneath the solutions.

Once inside the diner, there are a few optional things you can do that are tracked. Once down, she saves you quickly, then you can carry on. The bottles are easy to spot, as they are highlighted when you near them.

Enter and now you will appear as normal Max again. Enter any code first, then suddenly the room will fill with numbers. Use your time powers to manipulate everyone so that you can easily get past them. The front door is blocked though, episodf head around to the side. Simply go up to him before he gets hit and speak with him to warn lkfe.

Look at it again and Max will focus in on it to try and srange travel. There are some options you can pick during the conversation, but the important part happens just as the conversation ends.