Relationships are built on mutual caring. I always look forward to your recaps and was over the moon when I saw you chose this show because I knew it’d be good coming from you. I’m more interested in the little lighthearted moments in between and the budding romance between Soon Shin and Junho. Liara June 20, at 9: IU can act really expressively but it would be even better if whoever is coaching for acting teaches her to portray it throughout. They update the ratings for all the shows on the big 3.

About me Just a girl in her 20s with a passion for Japan and South-Korea! That woman needs to be cut out of her life. Have been eagerly waiting for your comment every week. Also, dramas are made to depict a rather condensed form of reality, so the angst will be heavier and a bit sensationalized that way when karma or redemption comes, a wide contrast is felt. You don’t go live with someone who is essentially a stranger even if they are related by blood and who has treated you pretty shittily. And now it’s time for the Mi-Ryung obtuse award for the week. Anyways, thanks again for the great recaps. She’s just a lost sheep and everybody gets to do whatever the hell they want, without asking her.

His overreaction when Young Hoon told him they were sleeping the night. Gah, she looked bad. I just found out that they finally subbed ep Phew, the cat is out of the bag, finally, after desperately clinging to the walls of said bag and shredding it to pieces until there was hardly even any bag left to hide in.

I would be upfront with my boss if his child was harassing me like that, and if he doesn’t get it, I’d rather start looking for another job.


Your words are too funny!! I enjoy the lighthearted moments tremendously, and yet the characters would not seem as real and relatable drsmacrazy they only showed those sides of themselves.

I mean other dramas manage to have an amazing OST without the songs being a pain in the ass: But if you decide not to, just send out a message because I do check out your site several times a day just to see if you’ve done the recap.

I hope that there will still be recaps — I always enjoy reading your take of drsmacrazy and it gives me a clearer understanding of the story.

I mean, come on, I bet most office ladies have boyfriends if not husbands. Following this plot is like watching paint dry, one of the draggiest K-dramas I have seen for a long time.

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Mom attacks Mi-ryung for being a terrible mother and practically throws herself at her. Is it because the older actresses are like important?

I wonder if anything that she has been through which may or may not be revealed in the future can redeem her in the eyes dramacrzy her daughter in any way but to be perfectly honest, I am so NOT interested to know, unless she does something along the lines of sacrificing herself for Soon-shin, like saving Soon-shin’s life or something. So she learned from the perfect person.

Meanwhile, SS is going to create distance between herself and her actual family.

I can’t stand her scenes even though she’s a kid. Thankfully Yoo-shin steps in to rescue him and us sgin too much of that and whisks him off to lunch. The ratings proves this.

YAY for some goodness!! One day, I hope someone will put together all the bread ajusshi scenes.

You’re the best Lee Soon Shi – Drama review

I’d watch more of it dramacrwzy fell out of disinterest for the mommy drama. Oh, wow, thorned sakura! Phew, this is probably the longest post I’ve done, but I was trying to cram everything in since we might not have recaps next week: I wish bread man and Hye-Shin wasn’t a 5 minute segment every episode Unsurprisingly the press gets wind of it, and popular opinion becomes that Mom is holding Soon-shin back from a career and happiness and unicorns and rainbows.


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You’re the best Lee Soon Shi – Drama review – Yuu ~ ☆

Just do remember NOT to pass judgement on those who are not with you. At least in my eyes. Chan woo continues to be steady and firm in his love wihtout being disrespectful to his mom.

She’s so cynical of the ‘friendship’ between her mother and ChanWoo’s mother. I could do with a minimum of snits from Woo-Joo. The scenes featuring grandma and Chan Wu’s mom makes me cringe.

This was the plot, I’m not going to spoiler anything more.

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On the upside for Mi-ryung, public sentiment is swinging around in her favor, with positive reactions far outnumbering the negative ones. It’s hard to find gloves. Yi-jung pops up at the clinic to ask Chan-woo to lunch, which he curtly denies, citing prior engagement.