Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace. Hihara invites Hino and Yunoki to his orchestra. The next day, Hino starts to practice again. Tsukimori arrives at the scene and defends Hino, and her accompanist runs away crying. He only went there to cancel the transfer. Outside the store, Hihara and Tsukimori are there. Amou also talks about the “Violin Romance” and asks Hino, who is a violinist, who she’s most interested among the male participants. Hisayoshi Suganuma as Junnosuke Sasaki.

Hino starts to catch up on her social life. Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi At the rooftop, Hino meets Tsukimori and gives her a ticket to the charity concert. She then hears Tsukimori playing Ave Maria and it reminded her about experiences because of the violin. However, Lili quickly switches her back to the school uniform and Hino attempts to pass it off as “seeing things”. Also introduced is Ryotaro Tsuchiura, when he accidentally bumps into her and she nearly falls off the stairs, but he catches her just in time.

She tries her best and keeps on practicing. Kinichi Okubo Art Setting: Hino is about to go home then she saw Yunoki’s car at the gate.

But then Hino replies that there is no such thing. After teasing her and calling her names, he calls her laa her first name, indicating intimacy. Mie Itou eps Yukiko Ario eps The next day, practicing at the park, Kazuki waits for Kahoko to finish practice and they go to a cake shop. Kentaro Ito as Ryoutarou Tsuchiura. Mamoru Miyano as Aoi Kaji.

When Hino defends Fuyuumi, the music students challenge Hino to play, and she agrees to play before the concours in one week’s time. So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season. Hino later confesses to Ayano that the relationship between her and Yunoki was a lie, but Azuma tells her that she should try other different things, as pxsso is still beginning high school.


Keep in mind that these rankings animefushihi based on how people rated indi Nick Creamer has the details. Views Features Reviews Columns. Len says to Hino that there are many things that he doesn’t understand about her. Hino visits the shop after practice, where the manager offers to show her a video recording of a young prodigy, animefushjgi turns out to be Tsuchiura. Game Reviews Columns incl.

Priimo meets Shimizu there.

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When Tsuchiura notices Hino, he becomes upset and makes Hino promise not to tell anybody about it. He plays a song for her and requests her to play one for him yet she refuses and leave while crying. On her way home, Hino meets Manami, the owner of the music shop; he tells her about a salon concert so she goes to watch it. At home, his grandmother tells him that he will continue his high school education abroad.

After fixing her music box and reconciling with her friends, Hino decides to play Canon for the second selection. At one point, Hihara enters without knocking and sees her wearing a nun’s habit.

The manager manages to find the score, Chopin’s Allegrofor the violin. After class, Hino returns Amou’s lost negatives to her. She then hugs Shoko and Kazuki is somehow jealous. When Kazuki is injured, Hino runs inside the court to aid him.

Episode two introduces Len Tsukimori, a highly talented but very conceited second year music student. Making it even worse passso that Hino is supposed to be the first to perform. Reiko Yoshida eps Being stressed like she is, practicing violin every time she has the chance causes her to get into cordq fight with her friends.

Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, The second season has only an ending theme: Eventually, Hino finds Tsukimori, but by the time they return to the backstage area, the audience is already leaving. Q-Tec English cast English staff Translation: Outside the store, Hihara and Tsukimori are there. She will do her best performance in gratitude of his encouragement.


After the performances by Tsuchiura and Hino, Tsukimori goes to the waiting room to calm his nerves as he is performing last. The next day, Hino goes to the roof to practice, hoping to immerse herself with practice other than drowning in her guilt, discovers Yunoki already practicing on the roof.

Yunoki, on the other hand, will abandon music to study business, which surprises Hino, who believed Yunoki will pursue music.

Later Tsukimori and Tsuchiura get into an altercation over Hino and music. Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: He then asks her if she doesn’t like playing the violin. Lili is a fairy involved with the school’s music contest, the Intramural concours; Hino is a student who is chosen to enter the competition by Lili, despite not being a music student, because she is able to see Lili.


He then thanks Hino for helping him play in public again. She doesn’t play anymore saying that she doesn’t have the right to play and love the ahimefushigi.

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After a quartet performance, the children start to practice. During the fall, she had acquired a bruise on her knee. As she begins to study, she realizes how pazso she misses the violin. She finds Kanazawa making a snack for himself and asks her to join him.

This rumor started to spread in the music department. Lili tells Hino that she shouldn’t ignore things like sleep to practice the violin. Hino decides to skip practice and leave school when she meets up with Hihara.

He tells about his childhood memory about almost losing his ability to play the violin.