Don’t have an account? At this point it’s just safe to say Ash has overstayed his welcome in Pokemon anime and has just become this motivation spouting piece of cardboard. Ash and his friends introduce themselves and Ash asks Keldeo what happened. All in all this was a good Pokemon movie mainly due to it being literally just that and not another “Ash dicking around in another city” movie. The tunnel is dark and things begin to freeze in a mist. Premiere Japan July 14,

Keldeo is petrified with fear, shaking, whimpering and unable to move or defend himself any longer. There were some great action scenes, a really cool looking villain, and scenes with Ash and friends were kept to an absolute minimum. It premiered in Japanese theaters on July 14, Whether due to poor box office sales, fan backlash, or strained production is unknown. An injured Keldeo ends up on the train and Ash and his friends find it. No, create an account now.

I don’t understand why Sworddman should be nice when it is clearly being attacked without it doing anything or starting the fight. Black Kyurem attacks and Dento waves again happily to show he was also just a decoy. The trio are chased endlessly by the Freezio through the city and are separated. Retrieved February 16, He changes into Resolution Form.

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Review by Ryan D. I rather like that this film had no explicit evil-to-be-defeated.

The movie was released on DVD in the U. It was Keldeo, injured from its previous battle.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Keldeo is frozen solid by the attack, and the trio and the Deers are extremely upset by this, until Keldeo manages to break himself entirely free.

White Kyurem is angered at the intrusion and uses what looked like Cross Flare to lock them into a block of ice. With the Sacred Swordsmen free, Keldeo takes the oath of the Sacred Swordsmen and finally joins their ranks as a fourth member. The others arrive and are shocked and alarmed to find he has already crossed the gate, locking him into the battle until it is over, and are even more disappointed when they hear Keldeo blatantly lie about already being a Swordsman.


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Kyurem vs. The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo

Angered at their interference, Kyurem encases them in a block of solid ice. The idea of the plot sounds stupid to me.

Ash has Pikachu use Thunderbolt on Black Kyurem but Keldeo knocks it away to stop the interference and frees himself by himself. Keldeo lies, and declares that he comes to fight Kyurem as a Sacred Swordsman. Enjoyable if you are a die hard Pokemon fan or a kid, probably pretty bad for dacred else.

‘Kyurem vs. the Sacred Swordman – Keldeo’ Movie Summary – PokéBeach

tye He attempts to make a sword with his horn and it glows rather dimly before fading. He prepares to kick in the next door too and is grumpy when Iris pushes it open easily as it was not locked. Log In Sign Up. Keldeo is petrified with fear, shaking, whimpering and dacred to move or defend himself any longer.

There were some great action scenes, a really cool looking villain, and scenes with Ash and friends were kept to an absolute minimum. The Movie Patlabor 2: Each of the Sacred Swordsmen possess the ability to use the technique known as Sacred Sword, an ability to project a blade of energy from their horns. Bulbanews has multiple articles aacred to this subject: The fights in this movie were fantastic especially with the final one just being an all out Pokemon battle.

In Taiwan, it was distributed via infrared at Showtime Cinemas on October 5, Himitsu no Otodoke Daisakusen! Dento and Iris also arrive to help free the Deers. As the Thunderbolt hits, the scene changes to a grass field where Keldeo is training with Virizion.

She is told he was born at the same time as Reshiram and Zekrom and is the strongest dragon in Isshu. Volume 1 animated sequence Kuroko’s Basketball The Movie: At night, the four are sleeping in the grass, but Keldeo gets up silently and walks off to find Kyurem, deliberately and knowingly disobeying his mentors.


Keldeo overhears them and tries to convince them, but to no avail. Ash is battling a Kurimugan in an arena with Pikachu. When Keldeo is healed he walks with the trio and explains what happened.

This video is not available on Bulbapedia; instead, you can watch the video on YouTube here. He commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on the Druddigon.

They go to the Pokemon Center and Nurse Joy tells them how surprised she is Kyurem has left his mountain sanctuary and that he rarely does so.

Keldeo was first revealed during the teaser trailer after the end of the previous movies Victini and the Black Hero: Anyone else think that Keldeo got kind of screwed over with its Resolute Form? Video games Ace Combat 3: Ash and friends agree. Although Keldeo reveals to Kyurem that it is not one of the Swords of Justice but sqcred training to be one, Kyurem reveals that it knew all along that Keldeo lied to it, but it still accepted its challenge and it intends to finish the battle.

Review by Liam K. And their voices sound badass. The other Muskedeers awaken to find Keldeo gone and instantly know their apprentice has gone to Kyurem. Pikachu Short Basic Synopsis. Noticing its friends frozen, Keldeo is overcome with fear and sacree from the battle.

How will they be able to overcome this danger?