Hertzschrittmacher present their second release dealing with their love towards dogs and this time in co-operation with the animal shelter Marsberg, Germany, to whom all profits from this release will be donated, and the result is a lovely charity record set full of pure minimal electro: Cool stuff for sure! Of course, a must-have for anyone. For Anna simply one the best acts ever coming from the States with some four vinyls output in between to A very interesting and exciting release as this kind of electronics is freed from time. Great track sounding like electropop anno

LPs are new, include additional sheet and limited to copies. In this first scoring was done Frozen Fashion – it is actually recorded from that time on a cassette somewhere. Or, buy or die! The tracks range from atmospheric to electropop, while the atmospheric part is dominating. CDs are new, limited to copies and include fold-out poster. The songs have been remastered from the original 4-track cassettes.

Krosma right moment to open a brand new thematic collection on the Gazul label: Long deleted, a few remaining stock copies were found and Anna is happy to offer them here!

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Recorded in one continuous take on October 1st,and played to loving death by all of the DJs at the weekly Wierd party for the past four years, Vigils has long been a cornerstone and inspiration to a new young generation of electronic bands in the Brooklyn synth scene and beyond. Their music was pretty much inspired by Vomito Negro, Front and Skinny Puppy and lines up nicely with the debut album by their colleagues Cat Rapes Dog, with voices directly coming from the cold grave.

Weird live scenic-performances, minimal but nor minimalistic music, voices from graves, NEVA never let anybody indiferrent to such point the band was considered as the French Virgin Prunes.

LPs are new and shrinkwrapped. Cult tape, therefore cult vinyl! This is their first vinyl appearance on newly founded Answering Machine Recordings focusing on Texas based synth music. Look to the sky and watch a dazzling reality unfold. It was very Cure, Ultravox and Sisters of Mercy. This time more versatile as more bands appear on here: Geir used a Roland TR with sequencers and second, Geir did not restrict himself to synth pop structures but added already much soul and atmosphere into the compositions.

Labinot Lajçi

Whilst thematically closer to tradition than in their previous works, IWIK stay musically true to their own brand of cold and melancholic electro-wave, as the four new ballads on this record follow in the steps of the acclaimed debut LP. Interestingly and so far probably unknown, Rod contributed the vocoder parts and an additional synth part in the break as well as the swirling synth sound in the beginning and at the end.


Re-issue of their first tape. Both songs were recorded in and have been remastered in CDs are new, shrinkwrapped and come as digipak. Restricted to the country remained other bands like Beograd, Denis I Denis, or Data who were pretty much working on electropop gems, but vanished into obscurity and were remembered only by a few. Once the programming was set up, the instrument tracks were dumper via a PCM box direct to video tape, a pioneeristic process which almost entirely eliminated tape hiss.

First because of the instrumentation: LPs are new, include a printed interview with Martin Hall as well as a silk-screened image of the original reel to reel master tape and are limited to hand-numbered copies. Minimal Baby is the first proper CD production from SkullLine, Germany, and brings us Minimal Electro, Electropop, Retro or whatever you wanna call it from around the globe, though mainly from Germany.

Both aforementioned releases were compiled on this 2CD, together with additional compilation submissions, demos and lost tracks. Tobias is able to perform a great variety of styles while Italo Disco is pre-dominant, with some analogue electropop and New Wave sparkling through here and there.

The songs are spacey, catchy, minimalistic with some having a strong reference to KRAFTWERK, but you can clearly feel that he never cared much about success or fashions and simply recorded the music he likes. CDs are new, limited to copies only! Maybe this was a bit too early for a vinyl release but nice for a debut on a small label for a small crowd of people into music what nowadays is obviously referred to as minimal wave. Genetic Music is back on the scene!!! Compiled by Alessandro Adriani.

They left behind them a discography composed by an unique two-titled 7” and two tapes, today, requested by collectors from all over the world. The Peel Sessions generally revealed a more raw and unpolished sound giving ways to more popular versions versions, but truly they reveal all their potential and organic nature, and some may jrim prefer this. Minimal Wave promotional text.

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The tracks are short, instrumental, occasionally with some voice samples from a Talking Translator. There is a big load of fantastic tracks on here: Kfisma tracks make Anna dance at home and thus Anna thinks this is the best release on Das Drehmoment so far.

Equipped with new digital synths, the sound already changed a bit, yet fully electronic with lots of gothic tendencies.


Dark Entries promo text MLPs are new, include an original press kit with lyrics and band photos and limited to hand numbered copies. The band was eager to use early sampling techniques kridma construct tracks from cut up radio noises and movie dialogue.

Neither Silent Signals nor Martial Canterel needs an introduction with minimal lovers. Four tracks, each around 20 minutes long, touching the genres ranging from Berlin Electronica, Krautrock, Ambient, Psychedelic Rock, to Cosmic Space Music or whatever you wanna call it.

All tracks develop an almost ambient atmosphere in itself, very unusual, very unique. Surely not made for those who like complex and richly textured compositions, but for those who simply want to have fun for a few minutes and shake their body on kriema minimal electro dancefloors. Listen to krimsa here! The EP is just a classic of French minimal electronic post punk, or Cold Wave as it may be called, with fantastic Korg KR drum machine accompaniment, overall cold, melancholic, raw and dirty.

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So, if you wanna drift back to with its cold and harsher atmosphere, buy this … in no doubt a fantastic album from the beginning to the end! CDs are new, include insert and are limited to copies. CDs are new and shrinkwrapped, and are made on demand. The album carefully weaves together a series of hook-laden uptempo mrim trax with with a set of stylishly confident, yet vulnerably melancholic downtempo songs that allow the listener to catch his misty breath in the keim, with nearly all vocals smoothly delivered in French.

So, not really anything new on here, but as always, a must-buy for fans of pw label or the aforementioned bands. Equally of disparate origins are the band members themselves, Chris was born in New Jersey and grew up with half-Indian Kirti in the South of France, although both were schooled in London. Kirsma music is anything but dead.

In earlyafter the departure of Marco, Martin and Stephan began with the work for the video ‘Film 2’. Nothing, but the track is just wonderful, sung by all the three blondie girls, and it shall also make it to the dancefloors at your local discotheque.