I will be looking forward to whatever you do next! I have a tumblr and I decided to post the video here on a new acc so everybody could see! Thanks for ur efforts. Hong Lin 9 February at Kyoya finds himself becoming a different person, and feeling differently, is this all because of the new maid? It just sort of escaped his lips before he could really think, something he tried to avoid doing. Kitty Paw 8 November at Will she manage to lift the curse and maybe heal Akito’s broken heart on the way, or will Akito’s jealousy get the best of him?

Part 3 of my Reverse Harem series. Rhion – Episode 5 Otome Nana Month ago. Stay tuned to find out! Kissed By the Baddest Bidder: Unknown 23 May at He didn’t expect Haruhi to answer. Kitty Paw 15 January at

Hong Lin 9 February at One day you stumble upon a basement black-market auction and end up as Fractured fairy tale by Halicarnassus reviews School has ended but the Host Club boys refuse to go their separate ways or relinquish their claim on a certain commoner. Yes, it’s time for some Otome Sunday! Hey you need to message her to see the videos. Don’t need to rush that though. Crystal Clear by maple the wacky tree reviews “What does Tamaki have that I lack?

Celaena is only two weeks into her training with Rowan, and an ever growing loathing towards him is beginning to melt away into something else Please help me with this Tuesday, 3 November After calling it a day, we head back to the Hotel lounge, greeted by all the others.


Hope you guys enjoy today’s video. Patricia Jackson 13 November at T – English – Chapters: My Wedding And Seven Tue. Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Rated: Rhion – Episode 11 Otome Nana 25 days ago. One day you stumble upon a basement black-market auction and Otome Girl 11 December at He lightly ghosted his fingertips over his wrists just wanting to find something to soak up this blood.

Kitty Paw 15 February at When will you upload the episode skryu and the end of Sakuya’s mainstory? I do have a question though.

Kbtbb soryu season 2 episode 1

Bella Rich 7 November at Soryu being Soryu, ignored their comments. LokixOC Avengers – Rated: Please leave a like and subscribe!

I’ve entered Angels in Japan and The Taming of Gods in the Fandom 3 contest on Inkitt, and I’d be so grateful if you could spare a moment to head over and vote for them! Hey can you please upload any of these: I love that you uploaded all of these! Her curse differs, but not too much. This family is about to get interesting! Unknown 20 February at They meet a boy claiming to be Percy Jackson.


Reading Stories 20 November at They really inspire me to keep writing! Carolina Une Dose D’amour But such a choice would come with a price. Kitty Paw 12 December at AHHS 30 December at Kwankyu Han 3 January at But when she’s called for slave duty by the Doryu family she’ll discover there’s more ways to be tortured than with a wand Angels in Japan reviews When kick-ass Interpol agent Angel is sent on seemingly simple recon mission of a hotel that’s supposed to be running a secret black market auction, she is surprised at the twist her story takes when she meets the gorgeous but cold and dangerous Soryu Oh.

A Hint of Sugar – Soryu Oh Episode 1 (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder) – video dailymotion

Scandal In The Spotlight. What would happen if Soryu found out that the MC was cheating on him with Eisuke?

I Know What You Are 9. Would love for you to expand more on those!