Then khushboo tells her to keep quiet, ami switches the tv on and the dance india dance is being promoted that madhuri dixit is going to come. Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2. The race against time …. Nikita realizing that at this moment it is better for someone else to handle the interrogation leaves. What happens to Veer and Simran? Mazhya Navryachi Bayko written update, February 21,

Sidhartha the agent sent by Gill to check the safe house calls back about what he finds there. Dil Se Naachein Indiawaale. She makes it a big issue and humiliates Shruti a lot. Retrieved 14 December Retrieved 20 January News Bhojpuri sensation Monalisa raises temperature with her pool pictures!

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Prabha is in search of a big issue that will permanently force Shruti to leave Mehta house along with her two daughters. Haya tries to zindagu back his old personality but fails due to Munisa Ansari Rahat’s elder sister trying to plot against her and Dilshad.

Qubool Hai 16th December 2013 Full Episode Watch Online

Mehta Shruti spends some sweet romantic moments with each other. Vikrant seizing the opportunity tries to project himself as the misunderstood person and Prithvi as the bad guy.

Retrieved 12 December Retrieved 22 August While investigating leads Eplsode and Tej learn that extremely large amounts of money have been transferred to the bank account of Yakub Sayeed from an extremely rich businessman Tarun Khosla.

Prabhadevi refuses to hear anything unless Aami begs pardon. Amidst of all these, Mr. Aami n Khushboo try to adjust themselves with their cousin Trisha. Koilamma written update, February 21, For weekly updates visit our Blog…Happenstance…Serendipity of happy discoveries.


Not yet knowing that Haya is deaf and mute, Rahat gets annoyed goes back to his sad life. There they move into Aahil’s house where the new Sanam hatches a plan to separate Sanam and Aahil for good by hsi Shaad and Jannat’s marriage.

Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 30th December Full Episode Watch Online | Tv Hum Sub Ka

Retrieved 29 July Tanveer, under the influence of new Sanam, wanting to kill Writtem, accidentally kills Rehaan. From him comes the chilling news that a top Sri lankan assassin has already left the country and has probably already reached India.

The weeks ahi December until 3rd January He looks for Kiran and Trisha and manages to find them. Ulka Gupta Share this on: In the last week of MarchKaranvir Bohra decided to quit the show.

Sanjay wants Shruti back in office but Shruti wants to concentrate on her household duties. Due to Karan Singh Grover ‘s presence, the show made a grand entry into Indian television. Sanjay tries his level best to stop her from doing so but before he could reach the police stationShruti has signed her statement. Retrieved 13 October Mother-daughter duo creates many more situations for which Sanjay and others misunderstand Shruti.

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Rahat Ansari had just lost his first wife and unborn child when he was on duty in the military and his wife was in labor, in need to go to the hospital, where she meets with an accident, eventually her death as a car hits here. Ami tells that she will surely watch khushboo tells her that first study or else she will not watch tv.


He clearly states that. Prabha tells that she always says the same thing and not something else and then does not even ask her her problem, riddhi then asks that did shruti do something, prabha tells that she is now angry and keep hkelti phone and she keeps the phone.

Shruti makes her understand the value epjsode a relationship and she realizes her mistakes. She wants her position. Jai wants to use this relationship to place a tracking device on Bala.

Will Zoya meet her father ever? Disney to bring Broadway shows to India. Initially, the two don’t like each other; Zoya is good-hearted yet modern and fun-loving, which irks Asad, who is traditional and ill-tempered. Then ami says yes and trisha takes her, then khushboo says no to ami but ami episofe goes. Retrieved 8 Mar This unexpected act of Sanjay shocks Shruti and leaves all others stunned.