Better Homes and Gardens. The Red Carpet Sunday August 26th Karen stated that she would not attend Sharon’s marriage Nuptials and also said that “Even Though mother has never met you, She does hate you! There were some beautiful shots of the Italian landscape and dodgy green screen, but it’s a comedy and it can get away with that quite easily. She then goes to the toilet and when she comes out, she is seen looking very thin. Annie Maynard plays Bess, who finds it diffi

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not an empty seat in sight! Webarchive template wayback links Wikipedia articles with style issues from December All articles with style issues Use dmy dates from January Use Australian English from January All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English Articles lacking in-text citations from September All articles lacking in-text citations Wikipedia articles with style issues from September When Sharon met Karen, she brought Kim with her. Just like most tv shows that release a movie, the movie is obviously a bit extreme in comparison to a typical episode taking the characters out on a new location, Papilloma, Italy yes it’s made up and it was great to see the characters out of Fountain Lakes for a while! She is often seen reading his books and attempting “the flipper”. It’s a very fun film!!!

During the series Kath and Sharon like each other, Kath is usually the one standing up for Sharon when Kim throws a tantrum at Sharon usually concerning food. The two have a very odd friendship.

At the end of the episode, Sharon walked into Kath’s home depressed, stating that Wayne had bought a mobile phone. Annie Maynard plays Bess, who finds it diffi Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style.

Kath & Kimderella: The number 1 film in Australia

Last Hours in Suburbia Kim is Sharon’s friend, however to Kim, Sharon is just her second best friend. However, Sharon did state in an episode that her father left the family when she was a small baby; and that Sharon’s mother abandoned premisre as a baby and went to Britain where her mother had given birth to a younger half-sister, Karen Matt Lucas.


The Red Carpet Sunday August 26th Several relate to Kath’s fridge. It changed nothing, except demoting Sharon to Kim’s “sixth best friend”. In the movie the pair find themselves living it up in Positano after Kath wins a trip to Italy.

She ended up finding out she had a sister Karen. The only time Kath is seen throwing a tantrum at Sharon is when her drink was spiked in the episode “Party” and when she once told Sharon to get help before a volleyball game. He eventually did, and they married. From around the site. Before Karen left, she kissed Brett forcibly to which Kim nor Sharon reacted to.

They are on again and off again. However, during the episode in which Epponnee-Rae was born—it was revealed that Sharon and Brett used to date in high-school; however once Brett saw Kim who showed him no feelings or affection he turned away from Sharon. Kim then comments “you’re still fat”.

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In the last episode, Sharon was waiting for Wayne to show up, but he appeared not to. In an Italian clothes store she is seen asking Kath if a rainbow T-shirt looks good on her. Karen sister Caroline mother. In the credits of the episode, Wayne was in the spa with Kath and Kim talking about how he can win Sharon back.

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However, she is known to have golfed and to have participated in shot put at the national level. Mark is Sharon’s ex-boyfriend. Full of Rupunzel and Princess and the Pea moments, Kath and Kimderella had me in stitches of laughter. She is often seen reading his books and attempting “the flipper”. Sharonbecause you are my second best friend [and she continues on to say what she wants]. On other occasions, she is shown with ‘pash rash’ as Kim calls itboils, or carbuncles.

She then goes to the toilet melbouene when she comes out, she is seen looking very thin. Kath and husband Kel Glenn Robbins said the film was a documentary home movie dreamed up in the bedroom.


She often makes kqth to it in the rpemiere, and says her mother if she met her would be “pleased” with her that she has found success in the Sporting Arena. It was revealed that Sharon uses chocolate to fill the need for love as seen in the episode ” Lust “. Other times, she is cheerful and happy especially when she is playing netball.

Our Partners Starts at There are several things Sharon says and does which feature repeatedly through the series.

Brett and Kel at premiere Kath & Kimderella at Village Cinemas Stock Photo: – Alamy

Sharon took notice of Kel’s friend who steals all of his girlfriends Sandy Frecklehowever Sandy going for Kel’s women usually only notices Kath. Brett, or “Bretty” as Sharon likes to call him, is Kim’s husband and a good friend of Sharon’s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is made as a stand alone too with the character backstories told so if you aren’t too familiar with the series, it is super easy to catch on.

Sharon Strzelecki is Kath’s daughter’s best friend. She is particularly active in netballwhere she is team captain of the Sapphires and also the Unicorns only in season 2 “my boyfriend”and indoor cricket. FilmRed Carpet. For special occasions, such as Christmas or her wedding she dresses up. Sharon has come close kikderella having relationships numerous times, each unsuccessful.

Sharon has played Indoor Cricket in 4 different states. Retrieved 15 October She has also broken her fibula five times. Sharon nearly loses him to a Leggy Kimdrella Dancer. This is because during the show’s hiatus, Magda Szubanski went on a diet with Jenny Craig and lost a lot of weight. Karen, portrayed by Matt Lucas arrived in Melbourne as she was already in Australia modelling.

It’s a very fun film!!! As an avid cricket fan, she is a huge fan of Shane Warne.