While Nobara told her it’s her chance to compete and get her own Magic Gem as Marie then agreed to compete with Io. They noticed about her costume as they invited Charlotte to their hideout to talk about her taste in costumes and tries to get along. Another school day has ended and both Chiari and Ruby were about to race each other back to the Jewelpet Cafe. Taira agrees to take him as their apprentice as Chiari and Ruby cheers for them. Seeing her new invention, it can serve as a chance to fight against the Red Moon’s influence. Don’t have an account? Sapphie noticed the ominous glow as she told Nephrite to purify her using the Happines Shot. Juerupetto happinesu is the fifth Jewelpet anime series created by Sanrio and Sega and animated by Studio Comet , announced in Shogakukan ‘s Pucchigumi magazine and directed by Hiroaki Sakurai , released to coincide with the Anime Franchise’s 5th anniversary.

Machiko went to a weird room as she knocked, but then forced out for no reason. Rossa overheard their conversation that she doesn’t have her own magic gem so far as Garnet said she shouldn’t worry, hessitantly for Rossa to reply that she didn’t have her own trait to make any friends yet. The day goes on as the pets kept on impressing the humans they wanted to be friends with as Garnet appeared out of the cafe with some sweets and impressing then. Opal scolded him for not doing a good job on managing while he’s gone. Milky however is saddened on his sudden change as the Red Moon is now controlling his actions. The pets paired up with the boys as they decided to compete, except for Mouri who is troubled with it.

Inside, the cakes were liked by the kids as they sold well and Dian is amazed on how it turned out as he leaves.

As Sapphie arrived at the fields, she is greeted by Queen Jewelina, who is playing and looking around the fields admiring the flowers Azusa grew. At the Jewelpet cafe, Nobara and Mutsumi followed Marie and reached the cafe, both in suspicion about her strange behavior due to the Red Moon’s influence. As the rest of the competition goes on smoothly, Sachi is feeling a jewdlpet insecure about the competition.


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Garnet asked what cafe is it as she went outside and saw a happinesa cafe in front of them. But during their conversation, the headmaster of the Jewel Academy, Paroma Tanaka appeared and approved epsiode the idea as he left. As explained earlier to open a cafe, they all decided to go to the Jewel Academy to open the said cafe by bus.

He decides to go where she’s going but he’s been blocked by various obstructions that prevent him from advancing and meeting Nene. They all were in assumption why is he wearing Master’s clothes as he eisode them all inside. Chiari agrees to have a day off with Ruby until her roommates wanted her to check her fortune. Luckily, Nene and Ruruka found the two Jewelpets playing alongside Milky as Angela is worried sick on them.

Rossa herself is peeking in the windows and wonders on one idiom as she is secretly being watched. The boys looked at the floor to see many presents from their fans and saw some of Taira’s gifts were all cute stuff, embarrassing him to the others.

In the cafe, Sapphie is amazed that will participate for jewwelpet year’s bazaar for them to get more customers while Chiari and the others are busy setting up the cafe. Angela told them it’s been 3 hours and is saddening her that she has competition and cried.

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jeeelpet As it begins, the girls and the pets take the first lesson about admiring themselves, on which Nene came on top. They were soon interrupted by both a girl alongside a big brown bear with her, with the girls got scared.

Jewelina noticed something about the moon while both Wpisode and Chiari were confused about the light it cast. Nobara was worried as she and Marie left.

As she used her magic to make it nice and cold, the girls were overwhelmed by the cold until Taira saw the girls and gets her to safety and Ruby used her magic to get the others out. Because of happjness, Amelie felt worried and at the same time, guilty that her friends will scold her, enough for the Red Moon to make its move and possess Amelie using a red jewel.


At the Jewel Tower, Jewelina saw how Tata got possessed and got worried. Don’t have an account? The Jewelpet Cafe is once again bustling with customers as Garnet is very happy in hoping to be the most popular Jewelpet. She then decided to ask anyone to be their friend, only ending happinesa in failure. Ruby told the three that they hqppiness open the Cafe in the side of the Academy, also Jewelpeg taking notice about the Magical Jewel Box.

Ruby was proud on how Chiari approached him. One morning, Ruby is excitedly waking Chiari up due to no school today and her wanting to play with her.

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Back at the cafe, Sapphie explained to the girls that Prase studied theater arts in France by Jewelina’s Orders in order for her to get her own Magic Gem. A while later, she met up with the guy who proposed her to work in the new cafe and she questioned him on why the new cafe is taking away her customers. At the principal’s office, Jewelina asked him about his behavior and what happened to him.

A while later, he showed to them his photos depicting his younger self as he explained on him being a surfer and how cool and active he is during those times. However before they do, Chiari asked about the girl beside Peridot. Everyone then shifted their focus to Flora, who she herself is happinss at the boys jewel;et whole time. Chiari felt so happy that she finally talked to him as Ruby understands. Charlotte has finished watching another episode of Jewel Detective on her Jewel Pod as she then noticed a lot of ghosts surrounding her.

Chiari asked what can they do to help her, and Ryoko answered that she should host an election on which Jewelpet is popular.