Their struggle ends up pushing Irving into the casket, spilling Ellie’s corpse onto the floor. Bad Grandpa is Here! She got arrested for drugs again, so she has to go back. Goeie film waarin een bejaarde man, samen met zijn kleinzoon. Heb het vermoeden dat dat meer in de richting komt van wat ik had verwacht. Later, Irving calls a couple of unwitting guys to come help remove the bed, though he really asks them to help him and Billy carry Ellie’s body to the trunk of his car, since he felt that she needs to be taken south to be buried properly.

The cast performs various crazy stunts for our amusement. Irving Zisman Gets His Closeup”. Full Cast and Crew. Bad Grandpa 6. Irving takes Billy to meet with a counselor while they contact Billy’s father. Onlookers occasionally glance into the camera, a pretty good sign that people are hip to these prankster movies now and just play along. Jackass knows how to make pranks work, and here is easily their best work. Wat een grappig ventje.

In the very next scene the same woman is sitting on the table behind Billy and the man with blurred face is gone.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Just leave us a message here and persents will work on getting you verified. Bad Grandpa offers a whole lot of moments that will make you laugh, make you feel bad about laughing and then make you laugh again.

A hilarious piece of prank heaven from the guys of “Jackass” concerning year old Johnny Knoxville dressing up and acting as an year old perverted grandfather who attempts to take his grandson Jackson Nicoll back home to be with his father. De kracht van Jackass vond ik altijd dat er totaal geen lijn in zat, het ging niet om een verhaal of iets dergelijks.


And most shocking of all – it has empathy.

Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa P 01 – Dailymotion Video

Sidekicked in ‘Bad Grandpa ‘ “. Jim Hunter Super Reviewer. Their struggle ends up pushing Irving into the casket, spilling Ellie’s corpse onto the floor. Borat, the character, disarms people, allowing their racism, sexism, and social norm-slavery to come to the fore.

Retrieved 14 May Irving eventually returns home before they have to hit the road again. Use the HTML below. Share this Rating Title: By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Wiki Contact Algemene voorwaarden en privacybeleid. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Bad Grandpa’s biggest, most eyebrow-rising surprise may very well be the fact that we actually grow to care about him and Billy by the final reel Feb 3, Rating: A young guy’s only option to erase a really bad debt is to rig voioz Special Olympics by posing as a contestant.

Chuck turns out to be a deadbeat who refuses to take Billy in as he is unable to afford to do so.

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Blythe Barrington-Hughes as Pageant Contestant. Full List of Academy Awards Winners. Hostess as Grasie Mercedes Marilynn Allain Ik verwachtte er niet veel van maar ik heb toch goed vermaakt.

Het joch acteert overigens uitstekend. Niet de grappen a presetns Benidorm Bastards op zijn Borac’smaar de echte reacties van de mensen vind ik het meest komische aan deze film. This documentary is basically deleted scenes and additional stunts and sketches from the Jackass TV show.


He tells Irving that it is not working, forcing Irving to test it out, only to end up getting blasted through the window when the ride springs off its base. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Gandpa Policy. Viva la Bam — The site’s consensus states: Billy gets dressed up as a girl and charms most of the judges, even though one reigning child champion and her mother note the unusual event of a girl being there with a grandpa. But despite this, surprisingly, I adored Bad Grandpa!

Jackass episodes Big Brother ” Corona ” Jackass: Archived from the original on 2 June Wat een grappig ventje. This section’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

The Movie, and three since Jackass 3D, although it feels a lot longer than that. Oct 25, Rating: User Polls Most Anticipated Film: Zoals ik al granpa zeker een paar erg komische scenes; het stuk waarin Knoxville’s in een restaurant schijt en het stuk in de stripclub zijn daar perfecte voorbeelden van, en zo zaten er nog wel meer scenes in die zeker grappig waren, maar overall toch wat minder meestal. Johnny, oftewel grandpa, krijgt z’n kleinzoon tijdelijk toegewezen om naar z’n pa te brengen aangezien zijn ma weer de bak in moet, onder hun roadtrip, wat ik overigens altijd leuke films vind, halen ze allerlei ajckass uit die in mijn ogen echt geinig waren.