Cassie and Sunny pay a visit to Father Robert Greaves, who remembers Jimmy fondly, but is unable to help identify the mysterious ‘Jo-Jo’, the person who it appears gave Jimmy the diary. Following the revelation that a second victim may be buried at the bottom of the Slaters’ garden, Cassie and Sunny gatecrash their 45th anniversary party and begin searching for a second body, and it’s not long before they strike gold. Crime drama Unforgotten has returned to ITV for a third series, but what is the song that accompanies the show’s titles? When is the Netflix film released? Schools Momo challenge is ‘hacking Peppa Pig, Fortnite and YouTube Kids’ warns school Northcott Community Special School in Bransholme, Hull, has issued a caution to parents over the “disturbing” phenomenon disguised to “avoid detection by adults”. Why to watch the record-breaking, Oscar-winning Queen biopic. Popular categories Michael Price music composer Erased Tapes film music.

The Grand Tour in Scotland: When is the Rebel Wilson film released? The ITV series about how serial killer Levi Bellfield was caught by the Met Police pulled in up to nine million viewers earlier this year. Meanwhile, Sara is forced to tell her husband, Hassan, about her past life, and Colin reveals that he had a mental breakdown and was sectioned just days before Walker disappeared. They are blackmailed by her birth mother’s partner, Tyler, who witnessed Colin keying the car of a homophobe. A telephone number in the victim’s diary leads Cassie and Sunny to Colin Osborne, who also denies ever having known Walker.

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Once the body in the cellar has been identified as Jimmy Sullivan, the search for his murderer begins; Cassie and Sunny investigate, starting with identifying the names featured in Jimmy’s diary. If you missed last weeks episode catch up on the ITV hub here.

Jamie tells police he believed his son had accidentally killed Hayley while driving drunk, her body fallen into the river and washed out to sea. Retitled Suspectsit will feature a new cast and crew. They are blackmailed by her birth mother’s partner, Tyler, who witnessed Colin keying the car of a homophobe. Pete tries to blackmail Jamie, saying he “knows things” about Jamie’s son the night of Hayley’s murder. Tim claims that the scrunchie, women’s knickers and a cross necklace found in a lockbox in his cellar were purchased at a fete for his daughters, but DNA results prove they belonged to Alison Baldwin, a year-old from Earlridge, Cambridgeshireknforgotten raped and strangled in Why to watch the Oscar-winning film.


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Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. These short and meaningful pieces of music rarely a cue is 2 unfortotten long set a certain mood and make me feel invested in the story.

When is the Netflix film released? The discovery that Deama was sexually abused during his time in primary education leads the team to suspect that the perpetrator, if still alive, would be in his early 80s.

The detectives note the friends attended school close to where Hayley was buried, and three who were married divorced shortly afterward. It is now down to Cassie and Sunny to find out what happened to Jimmy and finally to get him home.

Sunny identifies the plate as having been manufactured by a Greek Cypriot company in the mids, and working on the assumption that the victim may have broken her wrist on holiday, the team begin to trawl through hundreds of missing persons files in the hope of finding an identity. News of the discovery reaches the four key potential suspects in the investigation.

Each of the three, Colin, Sara and Marion, is shown telling the story of their past to their present spouse. Before the news breaks of Eric Slater’s arrest, Sir Phillip Cross has already struck a deal with his son’s Turkish contacts, and before he is able to change his mind, the witness who came forward with evidence against him is killed in a house fire, made to look like an accident caused when the man ‘fell asleep smoking’.

Bella Thorne splits unforbotten internet star girlfriend of two years. Hheme on Prime Video. Sunny interviews Walker’s best friend, James Gregory Richard Hopewho claims theje in the days leading up to his death, Walker confronted the abuser, who denied being involved in any such abuse.

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Everything you need to know about the final season of the prison drama. Though Sara has provided reliable evidence that she was in Italy when the murder took place, Cassie suspects that it is too good — that it is something put together by someone who knew that one day they would need an alibi. The team’s notion is that each one killed the abuser of another, not their own abuser. The second series follows the murder of David Walker Daniel Goslinga Conservative Party consultant who went missing in When is it released on Netflix?


Hammond car crashes, bad suits and Chinese saunas. The police had investigated Hayley’s boyfriend, Adrian Mullery, but he was never charged.

I like the ambience too, and the mood, it hit the spot. Series 1 DVD cover. Cassie and Sunny interrogate Sara Mahmoud, who was known to have been working as a prostitute from the address at the time — but she denies even knowing Walker, and claims that she was on holiday in Italy at the time of the murder. After talking to Marion’s sister and mother about the abuse suffered by Marion at the hands of her father, Cassie follows Marion to speak with her.

It keeps the score fresh and interesting, and also quite beautiful. Slater’ is Eric Slater, a wheelchair user and a retired bookkeeper living with his wife Claire in Cambridgeshire.

What’s the song in the trailer for Unforgotten series three?

With each of the suspects having a motive, opportunity or connection to David Walker, Cassie and Sunny try to join the dots to discover who actually killed him 25 years earlier. Cassie and Sunny are assigned the case and try to identify the victim through his watch and pager. Unforgotten is a British crime drama television series, which initially aired on ITV on 8 October This is a review of series 2 which aired from January 5th to February 9th As Marion’s home life continues to spiral, she tries to make things up with Zoe.

After barely surviving the attack, Pete dies, putting Cassie’s career in jeopardy. Suicide Momo challenge character ‘told boy to stab himself in neck’ in suicide game Lyn Dixon has warned parents about the Momo Challenge after her son came across a sinister video on YouTube.