Dec 13, Jen Bigheart rated it really liked it Shelves: Unlike a lot of teen fiction the author does not neatly answer these questions for her readers, but allows them to search out their own truths. There are ceremonies where the Congregation receives blood, and the Congregation constantly chant a prayer when someone is being beat. Your email address will not be published. No one in the book changes from beginning to end, except for Ruby admitting maybe love is possible. It is something about the Water, see, that helps them live so long and heal so fast, and Ruby has something to add to the water that makes her the most special Congregant of all. Go Forward 2 years ago. I started out irked that Ruby would stand aside and allow her mother to get beat the way she did and never speak up, though many times she wanted to.

That being said, it was hard to wrap my head around what was going o Why I read this: They are suffering and dying when they should be living long healthy prosperous lives. Now why is Darwin doing this? What happens to the water that is collected? I’m just going to explain the entire thing, because the book’s not worth reading. The new Overseer only makes it worse. A Stewart Family Chronicle.

Karen Yingling, Staff Reviewer.

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I hope there is no sequel, bj it ended with a finality that lends me to believe there won’t be one. Latest Book Listings Added.

Oh, and there were several obvious editing problems they’re versus their came up at least twice, and punctuation usage was off. I wanted to be able to be there and cheer Ruby on when she finally found her voice, stood up for herself and finds her way droought freedom, and I’ll admit it Ruby really surprised me. I would gy this book to a classmate because it made me clearly visualize the story in my head. A small village of people were enslaved and now have to gather up water from the forest just to eat and survive.

I shipped Jordan and Sam pretty much from page 1. Why did he abandon them in the first place? They believe in him because of the miracles he performed now? The novel is well written I just want my questions answered – especially why Otto is praised as this God to these people, he is a man, just one with special powers, special blood.


Winter Babies Babies in the Park. There is always, and bachhorz, Otto. Heck, even ignoring that, you wonder that this being set in modern bwchorz, how the man can keep all of these people locked up and forced to work for him. I honestly have mixed thoughts on Drought. This would be a great book for a club or discussion group: Before we get to the cov Ruby’s romance story line is the one very real feeling aspect of Drought.

The ending made me sigh: The man is evil. Ruby is years old and has the body and attitude of a 17 year old girl, her father Otto left the community many ie before, they are a special community because the only reason the people is living for so long is because Ruby and Otto have special Blood that they put into the peoples Water to help heal any injury no matter how big or small and keeps them from getting sick and can survive with drops of Water and very little food.

With the seemingly endless cascade aa new teen dystopian novels being released, it’s easy to find something better than Drought.

Romance, Paranormal, Religion, Cult Publisher: Ford is the overseers name and he knows very little of the congregants and their life style, he was born and raised in the modern world and hardly believes the condition the congregants are being put through. My plans to read Candor, Bachorz’ other book have not changed; this book was well-written enough and interesting enough to earn her another try.

Thank you so much for commenting! Her father, Otto, is the Congregant’s – the people who work for the horrible Darwin West, the people who gather water with pewter spoons from the leaves and plants and fill their cups to meet his impossible quotas – savior.

As far as she knows, Pam has never been brainwashed. We have all sorts of YABC buttons for your website.


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So it ends with view spoiler [Ruby and Ford leaving everyone else behind while they embark on an Otto-hunt or something. It is not, and was not intended to be. What happens to the water that is collected? Ruby, the heroine, and other members of the congregation have to harvest water for West. But Otto disappears, leaving nothing 4.

Otto left to help everyone out, when he left Ruby was just a baby, he left behind four vials of blood to put in the canisters of Water.

Life is harsh for the congregants and Darwin West makes it even worse for Ruby and her mother, he had been around since the colony had drohght been established and has “loved” Ruby’s mother since the moment he first saw her although he treats her the worst making her take the harshest beatings in place of the others most of the time. But she is tired of this life, and yearns for something more, without knowing how she could possibly change any of this misery.

Ford appears to drougjt the only person in the novel with a conscious.

Drought by Pam Bachorz

The society she portrays is reminiscent of modern day groups we read about but never live amongst. Serie and the Congregation is truly stuck in the bwchorz, even if the book is set in modern or near modern, as far as I can tell times. And more importantly, why the heck would they agree to continue to drink Ruby’s blood water to live longer just to continue to live as slaves?

It was a great novel that I highly recommend.