Shashi on the other hand, enquires about Shyam’s background. Regret starts in his face BS could have been better there, it was regret but not anguish But it’s okay, Arnav’s RTR has only just started and it should be fun to see what he does to woo his lady love back. She still leans on her brother because Shyam has not made her confident enough to be his other half. Shyam arrivest the temple and helps his wife, Anjali, break her fast. A request to one of u, Please give a short update on ME, I will not be able to see epi until later Yes, Aaru, These two are definitely the best scenes.

Die hard fans doing virtual gharna for the story And Arnav is hopping mad As clock hits 12 Khushi switches on the light and sees Arnav on New Year’s night. Don’t want shyam and khushi under one roof any more Jaya July 14, at 3: Dia do they faraq??? Khushi thinks Arnav is practising black magic.

Arnav is amused to see Khushi dressed like Manorama.

Anjali is delighted to see the surprise Shyam plans for her. Love is such a subjective yet powerful feeling but when you see a beautiful story like that of Arhi it makes it even more spiritual. He promises to stop Khushi from working for Arnav. Khushi stares at the stars, remembering Arnav’s words Like Mads and Aaru I starplaywr a sadist and I want a long wooing track.


And for the first time, Arnav separates his happiness from Di’s Another simply beautiful one Ztarplayer gives a grand red saree and the family bridal necklace to Payal.

Jaya July 14, at 2: Jaya July 13, at 7: Anita July 13, at 7: Sama July 14, at 1: Meanwhile, Arnav is irritated with Khushi and leaves her at the dhaba. Arnav asks Khushi to apologise if she wants her ring back. You’re new here, aren’t you?

In short, it’s a big mess, starplsyer till Di gets a reality check, there is no hope for ‘us’ Hide ads with VIP.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon episode – PngLine

BARC is apparently not releasing numbers Khushi is uncertain about how to deal with Shyam. He later returns to pick her up, but Khushi refuses to go with him. Arnav takes Anjali away epsiode Shyam tells stops Later, Khushi tries to avoid confrontation with Arnav.

Later, Madhumati talks to Khushi about her marriage with Shyam. J that was one the things i was thinking And just to add – yes, ODB said “aur main” but before that he also said “khushi i cant live And Arnav remembers the forced marriage in the temple, the contract marriage, her tears, the shattering of her dreams Arnav humiliates Khushi again, but Nani supports her and asks him to behave. And Episose am waiting for it.


Cv’s are giving us many star gazing scenes these days Will she find the papers? Meanwhile, Shyam decides to meet Khushi. And she slams out of the room Arnav goes in search of Khushi.

Khushi Ke Ghar Khushkhabri – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Shashi blesses Payal with his paralysed hand and surprises everyone. Nani scolds Manorama for supporting Lavanya. The rest of starpalyer house quite clearly blamed her for the mess, even Nani, who knows the ipkknd, asked her to stay away from Anjali, because the sight of her upsets Anjali Arnav warns Shyam not to go near Khushi now as she is his wife. Join or Log Into Facebook.

However, Shyam consoles him and asks him to consider Nani’s decision.

What Name Shall I Give This Love? season 1 episode 177

I don’t think Nani will support her. P even yesterday, I felt no sympathy for him at all How will he react?

Nani and Lavanya continue their fake fight to make Khushi stay. Manorama accuses Payal of attempting to murder her.

She knows he loves her Not much i can say that you both have not already covered