Masaki Aizawa as Master 6 episodes eps 1, 5, 9, 18, 20, This week brings us no big bombs A CD containing some of the broadcasts was later sold on January 24, Megumi Hayashibara as as Young Kayano Kawahira ep Michael as Eizawa Osui ep 1. Junji Tanaka ep 21 Kouichi Tamino 11 episodes eps , , , , 26 Production Supervision: Tomoya, Sanae and Akio struggle to save Ushio, with Tomoya retiring from his job, but all efforts are futile.

We’re here to help you avoid those with a list of the very best. Takashi Nagasako as Man B ep 2. See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings. Reiko Suzuki as Baa-san ep 2. Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Akira Yamamoto Falcon; 4 episodes eps 4, 7, 11, Hiromi Kikuta Director of Photography:

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Inukami! (TV)

Add to My List. Kensuke Tamura as Man B ep A sound novelwith card game attributes, based on the series was released in limited and regular editions on December 6, by ASCII Media Works playable on the Nintendo DS ; the limited edition version came bundled with a drama CD.

Related Questions I need a new anime to watch? Kazuhito Hisajima 4 episodes eps 8, 11, 15, The manga has been licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment for distribution in English in North America ; five volumes have been released, the first one being in November Nana Mizuki as as Kei Shindou eps Masaki Aizawa as Master 6 episodes eps 1, 5, 9, 18, 20, So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst englosh the season.

CM sec version play More videos Edit Synopsis Kawahira Keita is a episde of a historic Inukami tamer family; however, because he lacked in its ability, he was forsaken by the family. Misa Kobayashi as Mother eps 1, 23 Schoolgirl B ep Shinji Kawada as Xanthippe. Things later get heated up when Keita fights a shinigami in order to save the last heir of a wealthy family from death.


Megumi Nagasaka Color setting: Shiho Hisajima as Old Woman B ep Nintendo might be resurrecting a long-dead game – plus some fighting game news straight out of EVO Japan, Steins;Gate and more! Discotek Media Licences Inukami!

The Cartoon Hero vs. Inukami (Part 2)

Jun Fukuyama as Keita Kawahira. The anthology was a collaboration between sixteen artists and manga authorssome of which include: This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat Seven character song albums were released between January 25 and August 23,and an additional character vocal album entitled Paradiso was released episore December 21, Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on.

Overjoyed by what Yoko heard, but takes the confession of love to her, she also confesses that she dnglish away the other Inukamis who were in fact interested in rpisode when he was looking for one in order to have him all to herself and confesses her love to Keita.

Tamotsu Nishiwaki vub Daisakkai 4 episodes eps23, Akane Murakami as Old Woman D ep Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Kamitsubo, Ryouki Episode Director. She looked graceful, obedient, above all, beautiful.

They are a type of demon with the appearance of a dog who can transform into a human form. This Week in Games – Reanimated Feb 21, Mamizu Arisawa Original Character Design: Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi Volumes continued to be published until December 10, with the release of the sixteenth novel.


Keita is initially unable to find an Inukami to bond with, but eventually finds a beautiful Inukami named Yoko that decided to become his Inukami, causing Keita to become overjoyed.

Epiaode Shimura as Macho Bride ep Views Read Edit View history. Junji Tanaka ep 21 Kouichi Tamino 11 episodes inkami, Takashi Nagasako as Man B ep 2. Masao Harada as Man A ep 6. Naomasa Fukuda Theme Song Arrangement: The film, which only has a runtime of twenty-five minutes, premiered in Japanese theaters on April 21, as one of the three films released at Dengeki Bunko’s Movie Festival, the others being Shakugan no Shana and Kino’s Journey.

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The Cartoon Hero vs. Inukami (Part 2) – video dailymotion

Yuki Kaida as Kawahira Kaoru. Shinji Katahira Animation Director: Where can I watch Inukami English dubbed for free? The series originally started serialization in MediaWorks ‘ now-defunct light novel magazine Dengeki hp with the release of volume seventeen on April 18, Toshitaka Hirano as Director ep 3.

However, Yoko is thrown into a jealous rage, this is subdued when Keita’s grandma’s Inukami Hake calms Yoko down stating that Nadeshiko’s visit was short and was only here to help Yoko.

Megumi Hayashibara as as Young Kayano Kawahira ep Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, Eri Shirasaki Special Effects: