I for one actually prefer Hee-joo’s stage performance over Gyu-won’s because it IS better and she fits the character more nicely. Because, as others have mentioned, this really felt like the final episode to this drama. I feel like I should stop whining about Ki-young not getting a good enough story line because we got to see his abs, lol. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Kyu-won is more pragmatic, and also quite unimaginative. I feel like she’ll have her happy ending.

HS is so different from the usual Kdrama, its a drama that i could relate well.. She wants her mother to pull these strings. They come from different family backgrounds and have an argument, but then start to like other. Could barely finish this episode. She relishes in the attention — until she is metaphorically hit by a car. While it was sweet and wonderfully so to see S constantly comforting and encouraging her, like you, I wanted her to be more assertive. Gosh — everyone just wants to hug this guy, eh? Perhaps she was still too unwell to do a full dance number?

How could she accept the audience applause for herself, while she didn’t heartstrinng sing a singel line? If she played fair I wouldn’t have mind but throughout the whole series she was just a selfish bitch. I know they are trying to wrap this whole thing up one episode sooner, and yes, I GET the whole deal about the sacrifice for the good of the team a Jdrama favorite trope! He really plays his part well, as the cute idiotic drummer.


It sorta sucks that Kyu Won gave up her spot. And finally hearhstring REAL performance, only took 13 episodes. But this episode was really disappointing This episode aggravated me on so many levels.


Kay August 13, at They come from different family backgrounds and have an argument, but then start to like other. Kyu-won wishes Hee-joo luck, and congratulates her for coming back at the right moment. Choose the gayageum or dream of broadway? It’s sad when parents or grandparents try and heartstrig their children’s future Too bad it’s going to end next week. Or was it just me? Wished Gyu-won was in the play.

HS is so different from the usual Kdrama, its a drama that i could relate well. As everyone else said, where are they going to go now? Hheartstring Address never made public.

I think Hee-joo needs this performance more than anyone else — to prove that even with a handicap, she can do her best. Could barely finish this episode.

Thank you for the tip! Your email address will not be published. Truthfully, I had a feeling this was how it would turn out the minute Hee-joo walked through those doors.

D I noticed it when I watched You’re Beautiful.

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So True It Hurts: How can someone know his soul mate? Like, what the heck!? She must come back. Thanks for the recap.

The students are shell-shocked. Her character may not have seemed right to a lot of people but I reall like how optimistic yet a realist heartetring is.

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After all, it took a lot of effort to convince Grandpa to let her participate. This site uses cookies. Shin Jung Yong-Hwa is a cold and refined young man, while being a highly skilled guitarist. I hope Lee Shin and Gyu-won get married and live happily ever after, but that’s probably not going to happen for a youth drama: Hearttsring done an excellent job here for such a newbie.


I love how it’s light and not as heavy that tires me every time the episode ends. I love how everything look so pleasing to the eyes with it’s beautiful cinematography and how they match all attires of the cast which is mostly the shade of blue. His devotion to Hee-joo is getting old and tiresome. And then… they uncover the lead.

I know it’s dramaxrazy modern drama but it has a very ‘s Broadway vibe. I enjoyed Dream High for its crisp and witty story-telling but I love YFFM for the overall ambience it creates with its great music and cinematography. This showed what kind of a person she is that one would admire most. Lee Hyun Jin Supporting Cast. Dude has one of the best smiles I’ve seen, and we get to see that a lot during all the practice scenes, so yay!