This no-holds-barred show reveals how Fred coped with a dying wife, why a fateful choice cost Todd a huge amount of gold and how he coped with a murder in the jungle. Tony’s dredge teardown hits a wall when they attempt to remove the heaviest piece yet. Cameras also follow him in his offseason home in the desert. In the end, two crews get their biggest gold clean-outs to date, while the third faces an abrupt end to their season. The Hoffman crew heads north to the Klondike in a desperate bid to find a new claim and salvage their mining season. Todd makes a shocking departure. Parker fulfils a life time ambition when he buys his first Klondike claim.

Rick discovers he’s been losing gold after Freddy Dodge points out a big flaw in his washplant. Its all hands on deck as Tony and family finally start to rebuild his million-dollar second dredge. Tony twists a vital steel frame on the dredge. Back in Alaska, Dakota Fred works furiously to win the “more-gold-in-a-week” bet that he made with Jack. In response, Fred makes a humbling call to his banker, expands his line of credit, and goes on a shopping spree. Parker suspects Tony of sabotage on his new ground and confronts him. Just as we are about to induct Fred into the Repair Hall Of Fame, he leans too heavily on his ingenious fix. Parker hires a new crew and sets his sights on new land.

To fix this, most people would get on the phone to a parts dealer and wait for FedEx. Todd’s chief investor demands to see ounces of gold in the next three weeks — sdason he will pull the plug on the Klondike operation. Todd returns to the Klondike to collect Monster Red while Parker confronts tough negotiator Tony over royalties and receives a shock offer which will change his season.


But a visit from the Department of Fish and Game reveals a violation, jeopardizing their vital water supply to the mine. Parker piles on the pressure and it proves to be too much for one of his young crew members. The dredge is stuck in his own tailings.

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Post author Jason Maxham June 18, — 9: The modern wash plant shares much in common with rjsh more primitive version. Not just your article on the Gold Rush, but your whole philosophy of fixing things as much as possible.

Parker finally hits bedrock at Emerson Trench and two broken machines force Fred to go deeper in debt. Retrieved December 6, Season review and season preview. Tony’s dredge teardown hits a wall when they attempt to remove the heaviest piece yet.

Parker is forced to rebuild his wash plant after losing gold. Retrieved November 2, With winter weather closing in, a gold-recovery expert comes to help the rookies. Dave faces seasoh when his new claim cannot be mined; Todd is thousands of dollars in the hole; the Dakota boys face the threat of floods; Parker needs new ground.

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Retrieved November 15, Plus, Tony Beets is ready to barge the bucket line down the Yukon River. Parker tasks Brennan with moving wash plant Big Red in just 24 hours. Parker seadon a mutiny and seeks advice from his grandpa. At Porcupine Creek, Dakota Fred rips out the wash plant and finds gold that he forced the Hoffmans to leave behind.

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John Schnabel returns to the Big Nugget Mine after his heart attack. Fred has to abandon his best paydirt yet when his excavator gets stuck in the pit. A reality TV show lies somewhere between a work of fiction and an objective chronicle. Retrieved October 29, The Dakota Boys believe they’ve finally found the elusive Glory Hole.


Rick’s crew struggles when someone falls prey to a life threatening illness.

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Parker attempts a treacherous river crossing and Tony Beets hits a snag removing a massive piece of his million-dollar dredge. The Hoffman’s rock trucks struggle to run on a sketchy haul road. Parker’s need for turb destroys his wash plant.

The Hoffmans are finally on the gold, but a new love threatens to derail mechanic James Harness right when the crew needs him most. Todd and Jack struggle alone at McKinnon creek, working with just their old excavator and a left behind loader, while Thurber transports their turvo plant from Guyana to the claim.

Languages Deutsch Italiano Edit links. At the end of this chain is the most important part: Out of Indian River pay dirt, Todd comes up with a risky plan to hit his 1,ounce goal. But while he’s gone, his chief investor Jason Otteson arrives on the claim to find chaos — and no Todd.

Like flying an airplane or performing brain surgery, the operations at the wash plant need to be done the right way all the time.

Todd forces his crew and Dave’s crew to merge into one team.

Parker races to get his second wash plant running, but struggles. Add Image S3, Ep9. Parker diverts a creek in order to mine a pile of gold in the riverbed; Tony’s crew is upset over fitting the tailings conveyor; Jack is accused of sabotage.