Trouble is brewing as the powers of evil regroup — bolder and hungrier than ever — and Kate is forced to choose a side. He must go there himself, with two soldiers injected with the Atlantean serum, and take care of business once and for all. Tepper knows how to write a well-made, on-moving story with strong characters. Certainly not those she thought. To survive, she must wed a horned monster who both intrigues and frightens her…and become the warrior queen she was born to be. Now, as attacks batter them from within and without, the credulous are whispering about omens of death and destruction.

The Atlantis Secret Book 5: When the Empire of Masks conquers her island home, overwrites her culture, criminalizes her customs, and murders one of her fathers, Baru vows to swallow her hate, join the Empire’s civil service, and claw her way high enough to set her people free. They too, have a limited female population. Many do not survive. Can they save a realm on the brink of war? All he must do? Or will she find herself losing more than just a crown and a kingdom?

Having learned the identity of her father’s assassin, Adare flees the Dawn Palace in search of allies to challenge the coup against her family. Click I Have iTunes to open it now.

It is a chance for Konowa to redeem himself — even if the entire affair appears doomed to be a suicide mission As she digs into the secrets he wants to keep buried, Matakyli discovers a soul worth saving. Brett Myke Cole, star of CBS’s Hunted and author of the Shadow Ops series, debuts the Sacred Throne epic fantasy trilogy with The Armored Saint, a story of religious tyrants, arcane war-machines, and underground resistance that will enthrall epic fantasy readers of all ages.


Mages are hunted by men and gods alike. Just old peasant legends about the gods waking to walk the earth. For her to live, her atlanyis has to die.

May Book 6 May 2, 2. When the armies of the south flood across the Black river, the fragile peace between the two races is shattered.

Esslemont’s new prequel trilogy takes readers deeper into the politics and intrigue of the New York Times bestselling Malazan Empire.

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Young Lerris yearns to find a place in the world better suited to his skills and temperament. The Keepers, Book 3 The Keepers: So when the enemy makes an unprecedented move that could turn the tide of the war, can Josette deal with Bernat, rally her crew, and survive long enough to prove herself?

Hamilton, Robin Hobb, J. Will he be able to claim her before she escapes from him again? A Midnight Breed Novel.

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Otherwise he would probably be dead already Even the devil was once an angel. Going into exile is the only way to survive his ruthless cousin.

He’s murdered a Viceroy, been court-martialed, seen his beloved regiment disbanded, and finally been banished in disgrace to the one place he despises the most — the forest. The Atlantis Guard Book 7: Atlxntis Atlantis Gene Book 4: I can only see him in my dreams. It’s not easy to live in a world ruled by dragons. The Spear, is a gripping supernatural thriller by the master of horror, James Herbert.

Forbidden by the boss to use their gifts or draw energy, the hosts are becoming fragile and the camp around them syowalter helpless to protect their gifted members. Wicked Nights View in iTunes.


Carew is the real deal – an exciting new voice in fantasy. Will Enforcer Adrienne be able to protect Talyn from a predator who is not what he seems? Jaxon, her new Atlantean friends, and her human allies are narrowly avoiding death in the African desert.

While Drake and Merck fight over Talyn, Mutables move toward her like a magnet, seeking her for what she offers them.

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She will fight for what is hers. Lerris will need magic in the lands beyond, where the power of the Chaos Wizards reigns unchecked, and he must learn to use his powers in an orderly way before his wanderjahr, or fall prey to Chaos.

He is the one the Alliance calls when they have a situation that needs to be resolved once and for all. Can she earn the trust of her fellow soldiers, stand up to a corrupt authority, navigate a forbidden romance She refuses to become the Lycan Merck and Arden insists she’ll become, though her beast is clawing to escape.

In an explosive novel from 1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan, a human woman ignites the desire of her Carpathian lif As the evidence mounts that something is seriously wrong, Talyn gains strength from the sameness of her life.

But Rosalie Dumarque soon finds that her dream of escaping the protection of Wall Rose not only leads to bloody sword fights with monsters, but exposes her to other dangers.