Count von Mansfield subdued Le Cateau, and did some beheading, more hanging, and abundant confis- cation, quite as much to please himself as the bishop of Cambresis. We do not know how many colonists accompanied Jesse de Forest to Guiana. In S and we find them registered as canons of the chapter of St. The records concerning our relatives in the chapter of St. But why does not Peter Minuit’s name appear on some of the ecclesiastical records of Wesel? J Was Jean de Forest dead, or too ill to write? Reservation, Hotel Booking, Rajasthan India asimovonline. Callcenter Direktmarketing Telefonmarketing Dialogmarketing.

For reasons which will appear later the Jean de Forest mentioned in the gift of an annuity by Cath- erine Du Posset to her children has been identified as the father of the emigrant to America in The dwellings of the colonists were mere bark-covered lodges, about thirty in num- ber, which stretched unguarded along the western shore of the island on a line running nearly north and south. Leon Pajot professional archivist at Paris, not to mention others who have forwarded results, per- haps negative, but still useful. It is probable that he was repeatedly there during his absences from Leyden, and it is indisputable that he had there friends who could be his zealous and capable agents. This last, a person quite unaccounted for, had a daughter bearing the unac- countable name of Jeroniette de Buisnicourt, who was old enough to be married in December, , so that her father must have been born not much later than This website is for sale!? But concerning the pious Walloons of early New York the world has remained ignorant, unsympathetic and dumb. The word burgher was in some sense a title, always indicating position, and sometimes descent.

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According to a French record dated iiSo, one Pierre Minutus, a Cambresian knight, conjointly with one Ansel de Forest, knight, sold to a burgher of Arras named Adam a revenue of ninety-nine dimes, or church tithes.

Meantime there was no colonial machinery ready to employ them. The burghers then an honorable class. But the fact that such cases did exist debars us from affirming that a family bearing the de was conse- quently noble, unless the nobility dedorest established by strong circumstantial evidence or by indisputable documents.

Hence, too, in the course of centuries came many families who styled them- selves de Forest, or de la Forest, or du Forest, most of them lordly possessors of demesne and castle, but others simple burghers or perhaps peasants.


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Corporate Gift Supplier in Singapore familyfishingncamping. But incidents in the settlement of dde estate reveal the fact that the widow was in some way the sole heir. In Hugues Forest and his brother Gilles donated to the abbey of Marchiennes certain lands situated at Ranival near Saudemont.

J Gerard de Forest appears often in the Walloon church registers and in the civic records of Holland.

Indeed, it is probable that such was the case, for he and his descendants obviously had some now forgot- ten reason to make use of the de, holding fast to it as they did invariably and for centuries. Gerard, while living in Leyden, twice recorded himself as “a native of Avesnes in the country of Hainaut”; and Anne, in her act of betrothal at Amsterdam, gave herself the same birthplace, and her birth-year as 15S7.

So it is throughout the wliole of tliis business of getting a Walloon colony iflm America. The de Foi-ests fixed upon a broad, fertile tlat called Muscoota, and became the unprosperous founders of Harlem, pursued by indefatigable wrath of fortune like the wandering Pelasgians of Greek tradition.

His disappointingly brief statement concerning the squadron in question opens as fol- lows ; “June, Dispersion of his family. Holland records subsequent to Emigration.

At all events, it is obvious that all these families could not have sprung from one stock, and that identity of name is not equivalent to identity of race. Analysis of the diplomatic situation. If Jean de Forest were born about the yearSpain’s great military struggle with Protestantism commenced in his early manhood ; and thenceforward she had for many years waged furious war, inces- santly with Holland, long with England, finally with France.

They con- tain information concerning the ancestry and relationships of the family. Less certain, but still probable enough, are Pierre de Forest who appears in a manuscript of the abbey of St.

Julien and La Mousche, knight of the golden fleece, grand maitre d’hotel for the emperor Charles V, with his wife damoiselle Marguerite de Lanno ‘, the latter deceased inthe former in 15 For instance, as we learn from the letters of Henry IV, the S. Commission of 1S40 refused to copj’ all such Hol- land documents as did not ceforest concern the New Netherland and adjoining regions.



It is possi- ble that Henry increased his capital by his marriage with Gertrude Bornstra, the eldest daughter of a respectable Dutch family living in the grazing district of Nieuwlant. At some unknown date previous to Septem- ber 23d,Minuit “bought the island of Man- hattes from the wild men for the value of sixty guilders.

He was not educated for the church and made ” my lord canon,” like Jaspard. Baird quotes a brief French version, furnished him from Leyden. But in the latter half of there was another deforesy among them to plant their name in the new world. Every modern historian of New York, and every modern American historian of our colonial period, has accepted tlie date The yeomanry life of New England.

Cotton manufacturing at Humphreysville Seymour. Peace found the Roman Catholic Netherlands in a frightful state of misery. Archives du Nord ; chapitre de Lille ; Bibl.

The de not necessarily a proof of nobility. Biit the dry and incomplete records of Avesnes give us no infor- mation concerning it ; and lewardde they furnish us with small knowledge upon any subject. In lwearde beginning of March they sailed and directed their course for the Canary Islands and steered for the Wild Coast ; and a favor- able wind happily brought them in the beginning of May into the River formerly known as the River of.

Jean de Forest, first Protestant of the family. Intimate and friendly relations appear to have been maintained between the Du Fossets and their Avesnes connections by marriage.

This event brings us down to tiie earliest date when the de Forests are known to have inhabited Avesnes. A portion of tlie Walloons are going back to fatherland, either because their years here have expired, or else because some are not very serviceable to the Company.