Taeyeon could never find a place she could call home- besides Tiffany. The title says something hehe. I dunno what else to say, honestly. One of my favorite one-shots. Posted 17 February – A special segment in the show “We Got Married”, after an online poll, this couple was chosen.

Jess and Yuri want to keep their relationship a secret at first. I finished reading it in one day. Bentley sewaan beserta pemandu. November 19th, , Destroys the stereotypes you have on popular kids and intelligently academic students. I totally recommend if you wanna die you know? Follow the story of the two bandmates in their marriage and their friends’ reactions. This drama is expected to impress and at the same time touch the hearts of the viewers.

They become closer the more they start to write songs and well I Wanna Take You To Sooyoung had a happy smile on her face while she said, in an excited tone, that she would be making nine cupcakes for each of her members.

And Tiffany appreciates everything about it, she sees Sunny like a goddess so yeeess. I totally recommend if you wanna die you know? That’s no in Spanish guys. I will have to choose a color that suits me this Spring. The impelling thing about these two is that they met prior to arriving in Ta’al Undh and are dating so we ain’t waiting for either of the two to make a move. Seaosn do my best to organize them, from favorites, completed, yeonn, one-shots, collections, rated, drabbles etc.

I forgot what they’re called but to hide the hella rated one-shots and stuff so you won’t accidently click on them and your eyes don’t accidently start reading them.


April 29th, Short, derpy, and humorous. Rewrite from an old fic of mine: Wait that makes it seem like she died young, no she yen she lived a full life.

Now I feel tulsic. There’s a sequel to it but the author seems to have dropped it, nonetheless, this can stand on it’s own. So on this is a college au.

SNSD/GG fanfic Master List *9/2* Completed Part II in progress!

Some parts could be better and jumg it could be longer. Posted 14 February – So here’s a PDF file instead. Alhamdulillah penghantaran sebuah Perodua Axia Auto selepas solat jumaat tadi. Es gibt ihn wirklich! Mana geng – geng yang suka makan celup kat Terengganu? Taeyeon and Seohyun are part of an immortal race that went through war and has lost most of it’s population. I just remembered because that’s what we ate at a wedding we attended the other day. I loved this fic so much when I was 15 lol.

I found this thing too.

Sooyoung | saleha

It seems like an overused plot, but I think jessida depends on how the author writes, and this author did a great job on that. TaengSic become friends due to finding out they both are enamored by their classmate in collage class, who has a bit of a modeling career- Sunny. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

They’re chillin in the cafeteria until they hear girls squealin because of the famous Kim Taeyeon who’s sitting at another table. Stephan is an amazing jesssica. Prolly gonna go to hell after all this.


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Use to be on ssf but was deleted and just kept on aff. Fantasy realm where angels, immortals, and humans must co-exist.

Kami hantar dan ambil kembali di Lapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud. May 7th, So Taeyeon feels like she doesn’t appreciate everything Sunny has done for her and loves her hella, so to show she appreciates her, she kisses her. Tiff becomes a boss jessiva a club where she makes transactions with small gangs and stuff, that’s where she meets Taeyeon.

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It’s also in French so if there’s any French sones. That’s the last I’ve heard from them. Sign In Need an account?

My mom said it jdssica better than what they sell at restaurants laughs. This came to me this morning as I was trying to review for my Theology exams. And this bitchin’ one-shot rite here The Story of a Princess and her Servant by chuwaeyo Fandoms: