Being a lucrative sector, most Nigerians prefer to work in oil companies. What advantage does editing on Smartphone has over editing on system? The participants are hungry, willing, cooperative and understanding. We also invite non-members of the ministry to feature as guest ministries. Moreover, we have elders in Lagos state that when they finish they do not run away and that is a motivation that keeps us moving. Previously, the attendance has being between 0r but because of the effort of the publicity like the social media program, the live interviews and others, we have over participants. We were taken into a house with leaking roof.

Preaching with the movies The kind of preaching we do with our movies are unconventional preaching. The resolution is highly dramatic. In , God directed us to go into film production so that we could reach more people with our messages. He developed a keen interest in literature which he studied in a public college in Congo. He even promises to prepare for his coming interview which he had earlier on decided not to attend with three days of prayer and fasting. We also ensure that we take care of the spiritual level of the members of cast in order not to expose those who are not spiritually sound to negative bounce-backs from the devil. I look forward to increasing my involvement with other scholars, and with the Centre.

The school started as a seminary in then developed to a university in AllAfrica is a voice of, by and about Africa – aggregating, producing and distributing news and information items daily from over African news organizations and our own reporters to an African and global public.

Nigeria: Agboola in All for Nothing

My name is Paul-Esupofo Oriade. One of our earliest stage plays was entitled: You need to prepare because Smartphone requires the same preparation for film making. Unfortunately, he was involved in an accident that confined him to the wheelchair.


So I called daddy Mike that we would be bringing him to the state. So if a church allows you use their facilities you should appreciate that but we know that in the subsequent meetings things will be better. We should all forgive what some Editors have done in the past.

Along the way, new visions kept coming.

You can shoot one-minute film and upload it right now on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and people will be blessed instead of waiting and spending hours or days without achieving positive result. He faces a bleak future and by divine neteork and brilliance, he wins a scholarship from an oil company netwrk pursue a degree programme in a Nigerian university and a postgraduate study in any foreign university of his choice.

Meanwhile, the training class was conducted on the same day and the students were able to do more than the expectation. Witchcraft In The Church – 1.

With this we can counter the secular. We had other stage plays. Many of them liked the play to the extent that people were calling for it all the time. Left to evon, are you willing to run for second tenure? The programme which was held on friday, 9th of march made a turning point in the lives of many.

EVOM hits shelve with new movie

It is my personal favorite. We started precisely on stage. If you look at cartoon very well you will see the rudiment of film making as long as netwlrk device you are using in filmmaking is correct and you follow the techniques or rules in film making you are good. It may interest you to know that the films were premiered today and it was marvelous. He developed wrld keen interest in literature which he studied in a public college in Congo.

Back To Great Movies. Since high angles are used to create a sense of inferiority, the lowliness of the family living in that house was made glaring. I had part of my primary education in Zaria before my family moved to Kwara. The participants were divided into three groups and were saddled with the responsibility to come up with story, shoot and edit it on phone. Left behind I Christian movie. The first time I did Skype training was in Canada video training. The grace of God and the calling.



You can see it from the pantomime ministrations and other ministrations. To address comments or complaints, please Contact us. It opened inaugurated a PhD program in Theology in Donate to aid Anointedtube by making a monthly Subscription here. I found it quite cilms that Denis, an unbeliever, still had a more positive outlook to life than Yele.

The tight plot of the movie is accentuated by convincing acting, appropriate locations, crystal-clear pictures and crisp audio. This gives us the opportunity to see the emotion in the eyes of that character. I look forward to increasing my involvement with other scholars, and with the Centre. It is like penetrating into his minds. Related Entertainment Nigeria West Africa. Guest Login here to comment.

The suddenness of the effect can be said to depict his troubled thoughts. Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica. Shola Mike Agboola Producer: I went in for Environmental Chemistry at the Masters level. Akinyele is an unemployed Christian brother. It all deals with your preparation and creativity. His exploits win him several awards both nationally and internationally. Coming works The latest is Destiny for Sale.