However, since I did the level two puzzles as well, I’m not sure if you have to beat the level two puzzles or not to ultimately unlock all the puzzles and win the game. Across from the gauge puzzle in the upper right hand corner, there is what appears to be a safe. The colors are redundant information, but they do turn up in the buttons of the orrery and the spines of the books, so you might as well note them down by observing which buttons control which asteroids in the orrery. The position you want is shown on the map you unscrambled, as are the two planets which you must translate to asteroids, using your table you want to leave visible on the orrery, by pressing the colored buttons to remove all the others. For instance, let’s say that the farthest slot over to the left on the top row was the fifth symbol once you had it matched to its tone. Escape to Obion Episode 1 Walkthrough. The Alchemist’s Notebook Play Chapter 4: Click on thursday at the top and then click on the enigma symbol that corresponds with the three and then the symbol that corresponds with the six.

This gives me new enigma dial settings in descending order, of course. I was trying to do it without spoilers, but I’ve set up my orrery so that the rotor arm is aligned with the two symbols from my map. PS, I’ve been clicking the hole after I type in the word, but nothing happens then either. I have done everything and am at the safe. Thanks jere7my, now I’m stuck further down the rabbit hole Managed to get the little ball through the small pipe. I’ve gotten in the door, run the water, set the flow through the clock faces, and seen the codes by the fireplace, but where do you input the password? The top button will restart the puzzle.


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Once you’ve input everything, open the door and find the map! If you did get the white line, you should be able to click on those symbols to access your next clues.

Something about these rubs me just the right way.

When you play the bouncing ball game you notice that certain pitches match up with certain symbols. On the three-star puzzle thing, do I just need to figure out how to rotate all three so that they’re pointing up or something?

The cursor changes to a hand when I place it on the small cie dial but it doesn’t rotate.

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The top button will restart the puzzle. If you turn on the orrery, they should spin around a few times until they line up with the rotor arm and stop automatically.

The words are your directions. I think I have all the components, but can’t seem to put them together: Please help me i dont want to quit my game. After we leave it, Kiterescu takes us first to the Again, ignore the black zodiacal signs and the secondary orbit button. walkkthrough

Keep a piece of paper handy to jot down the odd note for later use. Saturday is hatching an evil plot to hijack the mind of every sentient machine in the world.

The safe is case-sensitive.

Escape To Obion Episode: 1 – Walkthrough – video dailymotion

Clicking on the far right red spot reveals a hand of unusual cards. This gives me new enigma dial settings in descending order, of course. Finally, ealkthrough rightmost pod with the green light offers your last color puzzle.


In Chapter 1 I can look at the window, but not open the tl. Everything about Escape to Obion is done remarkably well, and it shows in every puzzle, every scene, and every chapter you’ll be clamoring to play.

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You will see the names of planets and symbols, a reoccuring theme in episodee games. I have to leave. Don’t just read reviews or play games on JayIsGames. And thanks a lot for the hint divy! Has anyone done episode 4?

Escape to Obion

If those numbers don’t work, try three and nine or three and ten You now know that the symbol in the second row under that pitch symbol needs firre be the color yellow.

Not all elements will have entries in all columns. Here are two different solutions. Think I better restart again. I know that the password on episode 2 on the purple light is loadstone. If you hit it one more time a line will appear connecting your three symbols together. That second helping of apple pie will have to wait, it’s time to get to work. When you first enter the game, off to your right is another puzzle containing symbols with diff.

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