One man has that answer and his name is J. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. From Scale steam and diesel to new licensed product, it’s all here on Notch 6! You’ll hear from three gentlemen who are making that actively happen through Kids Clean Notch 6 Episode 70 – Do you have a plan? Notch 6 Episode 90 – Thanks Mike

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll discuss his 3 rail scale layout and why he decided to dismantle and sell the majority of his collection. Day 1 of the Eric’s Trains Christmas Bonanza. It’s a full episode with details you won’t want to miss! Notch 6 Episode 82 – Another Mike joins us in this episode. A video of just the trains running would be cool. What happens when the talking stops and the action actually starts? Tonight we discuss the LCCAs work with children that have autism and recap the events from today’s events. We talk ideas for the future of the club, a bit more about the Weaver announcement from episode 63, and we announce an exclusive LCCA contest to be Lionel CEO for a day!

Lionel’s Director of Production, Ryan Kunkle, joins us again to take a look at all of the new In this episode of Notch 6, we go on an adventure to Tacoma Rail and get a first hand look and this unique terminal railroad. We also cover freight cars, the new plug and play accessories and much more. Finally a podcast that is not only all about the hobby but dedicated to O Gauge specifically. He’ll update us on Lionel accessories, power for your layout, new tricks with the Station Sounds diners, and more.

Tue, 23 January Notch 6 Episode B: Here’s episode 59 of Eric’s Trains. Eric’s Trains Episode 50 spectacular! The big engine count of !

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Episode 67 of Eric’s Trains. The result is a train store that sees an average of people through their doors on any given Saturday. You’ll hear about Disney’s love for trains both big and small, plus stories of growing up riding Walt Disney’s Carolwood Pacific Railroad in his back episide. Muffins Trains, stops by to visit. What happens when the talking stops and the action actually starts?


Clean Notch 6 Episode B: Episode 42 of my video train blog series. Bill Rennolds joins me to discuss his incredible layout and how his plan has allowed him to execute construction of layout in a very unusual We’ll also discuss many of the traditional sets and fun items that make Lionel such a unique brand.

We discuss some of the challenges facing the LCCA as well as episoee We’ll also get the recap of the day’s events with Al Kolis as we discuss the LCCA’s relationship with the real railroads. A short and sweet update for you about the new catalog!

Eric’s Trains – Episode 55 | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum

More videos on my youtube channel Bruce also will discuss his new book epiode Lionel Standard Gauge and will shed some light on one of the best known Lionel origin stories. We’ll also talk about a new museum layout that the TW team is hard at work on. More videos on my youtube channel or at www.

Overview Music Video Charts. You’ll get the latest update on shipping times, the process of final assembly and more.

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Some featured in famous buildings and large consumer Mike Reagan and Matt Ashba join us from Lionel to discuss the new catalogs. In this episode of Notch 6, Lionel President Howard Hitchcock joins us to discuss where Lionel has been in the last twelve months and where they hope to go in the next twelve. It’s an insightful interview of where Lionel has been in the past year and where it is going in the next. The bulk of this show is a very Erkcstrains hear her complete story with plenty of insight about her years in the industry.

Ryan Kunkle, Director of Eficstrains for Lionel, returns to the show to talk about a brand new brass hybrid locomotive, plus we’ll talk Our thanks as always to The Lionel Collectors Club of America and Lionel for sharing the ericetrains scoop about these new and exciting products. Notch 6 Episode What does 36 years look like inside Lionel?


Ericstrakns TrainWorx, a Dallas based company specializing in custom We suggest listening to the show while you browse the new catalog at Lionel.

We’ll visit with Al Kolis and recap the history focused tours from the convention as well as discussing how we all can promote the hobby of O gauge railroading to the community around us. The Lionel catalogs are here! Topics in this episode include MTH’s 35th Anniversary Celebration, updates on the MTH app and WiFi box, a run down of all the new features and locomotives in the catalog, and new tooling for freight cars.

Notch 6 Episode 70 – Do you have a plan? Notch 6 Episode 51 – Bruce Greenberg. A trip to the train store! The MTH catalog show is here! I sat down with Mr. The new Lionel catalog arrives on August 31st,but you’ll get this information first, only from Notch 6!

Layout progress, new trains and upcoming product reviews. Some featured in famous buildings and large consumer catalogs. In this final double erkcstrains episode of Notch 6, we take an inside look at Lionel’s Lionscale production in Concord, North Carolina.

You’ll get the inside scoop on what it takes to make the Lionel products come to epiwode and some valuable lessons she has learned along the way. Everything from backdrops, to rocks, chalk weathering, and small details are covered in this show.

Clean Notch 6 Episode He’s Back! Dear Eric Thank you for sharing, as always a very professional done video and very informative. As always, great video Eric – thanks for sharing.

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