I now understand what he was saying. All for Joomla All for Webmasters. It was all a misunderstanding that could have been cleared up if Martin had just asked Veronica about her relationship with Demetrio, instead he jumped to conclusions and married her just to get revenge-in fact as of now he still believes she had an affair with his brother and was responsible for his death. So much was going on and also Mariana turning on Vero like that. Manuel drinks a beer and chats with his pal Juancho. Raymunda confirms that Gramps has forgiven Manny and everything is going to be the way it was before. Jorge replies that she does and that she thinks that Vero has the right to decide if she wants to meet her uncle or not.

Cancun, Mexico Emi and Virginia have made love on the yacht. Your writing is, well, super great. Maybe now that Veronica is showing movies in Purgatory, they’ll have something to occupy their minds besides other people’s intimate business. Vero tries to convince AP that it’s all a misunderstanding. Manuel tries to get fed more info about Mariana and Pablo from Mariana by making her think that he’ll advise Pablo to do the correct thing and marry her if she tells him all about Pablo and her. Manuel tells Gramps that if he hasn’t heard any complaints it’s because he’s been a good boy.

He thoughtbubbles that Ireri is only for him. Can anyone tell me why it is that Martin believes that it was Vero who messed with Demetrio? Pablo is a good guy, he wouldn’t intentionally hurt Mariana, even in a shouting match.

Episode #1.70

I wonder if we’ll ever get to meet her father. Maybe Padre should share this technique with the unemployed everywhere.

Why Vero may even want to get her real last name back. Let’s face it, he never made it clear that he was breaking it off with her.


Caray, Caray!: Lo Imperdonable #70 Mon 8/24/15 Honor

Vero is not exactly the forgiving kind. In the painting, Ana Perla is bare-shouldered and shows a bit of cleavage. Pablo tells Vero and Marty that Mariana is crazy. I think it belongs in the Olympics. She hopes he never finds out.

Nice to have you here! Julio tells Marty that AP tried to throw herself off the cliff. Then, When he arrived home that episods he seemed sober enough to rat out Pablo and he should have been stumbling falling down drunk. I think a lot of us non-native speakers use the Spanish captions because, when they’re decent, they help with our learning.

Well Carlos we are at opposite ends again so what else is new? Mariana is now worried about being humiliated in front of everyone if she imperdohable the wedding and he lets her know that he’s about to lose the love of his life because of her. Gramps had been on his way to ask Marty how Manuel has been behaving.

Recap was great, Mauricio. Julio then runs to get Botel to check on Manuel. And YOU should be the first one to demand justice! So many delicious descriptions NovelaMaven hopes against hope that the Old Goat is just playing possum. Novelamaven, thank you for recapping this one and taking one for the team- I don’t think I could sit through AP’s non-stop crying without wanting to throw something at my tv!

Nicolas suggests calling Aldo the PI and having Clemente investigated. On the yacht, Emi comments on how beautiful the scenery is. And then she makes a run for it. Her coffee-stained scarf is at the cleaner’s, he tells her, but he has bought her a new one. Tell that whopper to someone who will believe you. Actually we all should be thanking the telenovela gods that Manuel doesn’t have access to a gun. Impressed by his gentlemanly ways, she thanks him.


Mariana of the rodent teeth is just foolish. Any profound hypocritical sayings? I did rather enjoy the Disgusting Brothers sidewalk secretary farce. And Pablo is Trounced. Gin and tonics are waiting for both of you at the Virginia Table I hadn’t seen the episode yet.

Meanwhile, the Old Goat’s questioning has become pointed: Basically, he surprises her by actually being at the restaurant and right behind her. She doesn’t believe that he loves AP. J- welcome to the patio!


Right NMJulio is one tough dude. Love the Godfather, not so much the 3rd one, but awesome line! Some cold episodf water is really what she imperdonale and I thought that I would be banned from the patio for sticking up for Pablo by suggesting that he should have done just that. Your way with words this recap was inspired!

Wednesday, August 26, at 9: Mariana–get thee to the lancha NovelaMaven you were on fire–on fire today.

Despite it having FF moments I’m still really enjoying the show. I would enjoy imperdonabl Salma and Jorge argue about Vero. This is just one example: I feel so much better now. He knows how important the necklace is to her.

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