She does not confront Kamla, as she needs the answer from Raghav. Kalpi and ragav is truely we felt they made for eachother. This show can literally show us anything!! Kamala and Pakhi have upset my balance! They say,the urge to destroy ones own masterpiece is also a creative urge and EMA cvs seems to be fulfilling theirs! Learn how your comment data is processed. Both the heroines have all reasons to be angry on him.

Just because he wants Kalpi instead of her. The second biggest mistake was in changing the lead actress playing the part of Kalpana. Thanks to all for sharing your opinions!! The story sucks and how! We provides Latest ek mutthi aasmaan last episode online, this is the best site for watch and download ek mutthi aasmaan last episode online. What a big blunder.

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How can we even appreciate such a useless character. Only rich girls get what they want n poor girls are for humilations n previee use n throw. If one shd feel sry for her she shd be either selfless innocent or good hearted she has none of the above. Sincerly love you Ragna. Pakhi will ask Raghav to accompany her, and he will give her excuses to skip it.

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan – Hindi Serial – Episode 222 – Zee TV Serial – Best Scene

Ek Mutthi Aasman ended on a sour, twisted note. The same paki whn kmala gave sindhoor as gods gift did she ask wt gift she gave to klpi why she nvr asked and wbn kmala mmutthi about to leave 4 vitobas temple pki arrives right in time to give her prasad y did muttui nt tel or ask kmala to take klpis prasad also. Cockroach ko Pooran Polike andar dikhaneka? No now ragna fans r on boycott mission. Kalpi is only for fullfeeling kamlas dream of being rich but she hayes rich people.

When Singhania realizes his mistake and wants to give divorce to Pakhi Gowri gets into theatrics and prevents him from doing so because she wants to take revenge on kapoors but how to take revenge on them that she does not know. A Kya ho raha hai? Kamla… you have never showed concern for your son, why do you have no expectations from him, why is your mutthi for a better life only for your daughter. The Kapoors are murders… do you understand what that means… do you need a dictionary… gosh your illiterate, my bad… I forgot… it would not help!


Has it served the purpose? Gods are commodity use as per ypur choice. Watch your favorite ek mutthi aasmaan episode online on zasmaan site. What surprises about EMA creative crew is that is the only team that has a fetish for twists always. My vote goes to Kalpi as wife. I like this post. They say,the urge to destroy ones own masterpiece is also a creative urge and EMA cvs seems to be fulfilling theirs!

Prsview was modern and positive. We showcase a variety of ek mutthi aasmaan episode numberek mutthi aasmaan last episodeek mutthi aasmaan last episode and many more. Later on, Previes meets with an accident, where Kalpi and Kamla will be shocked witnessing it.

If she is kmlas brt up pki shd now raise to the occassion and get away from rgv. But Raghav has Kalpi all over my mind, heart and soul. I keep this site at top read as best to read it all at one place. Jerk — hibernation Pakhi: But Kalpi asks prwview not to make her feel weak by his constant support, and let her do something on her own. Have they caught hold of supporting role for the Cockroach, Neetu? Enjoy free online streaming of the most Popular ek mutthi aasmaan last episode in HD quality only on this site.

The truth has to break to Pakhi. Perfectly summarises what all fans r thinking right now!! I wish to see Kalpi Raghav together.


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During those progress report incidents paki if she is good she ought to have told abt klpis results first and shd have rejoiced first but no nver. EMA is curse for society so I just wish this show should go to bin soon. They meet many times despite their decision of not meeting for episose year, the fate brings them closer again and again, and luckily we get to see some romantic moments between them.

Raghavs improvement is on Kalpis Hand.

Ek mutthi aasman serial zee tv

Monday, February 25, EMA is promoting rich girl over poor girl. EMA started of its journey promising to show something different and the beautiful thing is that it did do just that. Raghav and Kalpana are made for each other and most importantly viewers love their jodi period!! Kamala all her life has done injustice to her own daughter Kalpi so this time she should be positive towards her.

I realy hate pakhi to the core. Any one with a right mind would have started questioning this. RagNa ko Baksh do! She thinks her marriage needs a spark of love and wishes Raghav falls for her one day. When the creative crew plans a twist they should know what to do after the twist.

This show can literally show us anything!!

EMA showed temple marriage of Kalpi and Raghav in temple so my question is if you wanted to show Raghav and Pakhi as couple why they dragged God muttui sindoor marriage, just to humilate poor girl n our belief.