It’s clear though, she doesn’t really care about Woo Sik nor him, her. So far the script has been pretty great. Maybe there’s also some benefit for pain treatment? He’s a ‘nice’ guy? The way Young Ho looks at Joo Eun is so swoony. Kim Eun Ji Network: I really love her confidence. I haven’t watched the latest ep though, hoping it will diverge at least a bit.

Still do not care about Woo Sik, but frankly I’ll be happy to see him as an antagonist since this is a drama afterall. Who is the abused grandma related to? Hope she gets a happy ending as well. Since he got it when he was a kid and still growing, he probably would have had multiple surgeries to replace the prosthesis with larger ones as he grew, hence the trauma. Yup, I kept feeling like I was missing something. I mean fucks sake, I dont need them when Im gonna see ep next day, but for next week. If he were trying to be southern, he would have started calling her Miss Joo Eun by now. My daughters never really did and I didn’t teach him to so I’m not sure where he picked it up.

The pain is psychological so it acts up when he’s under stress. She seems like a convenience to him and he’s her way of getting one over on Joo Eun. I think it wasn’t without reason that he said that it’s a completely different world. I don’t know, it makes sense that he should know but maybe the MIL is too ashamed to let anyone know?

Kim Yeong Ho grew up in a wealthy family but suffered a devastating injury during his childhood. Like, he has to be playing with her feelings because why would a guy like him have interest in her?


Otherwise this just seems to be a shallow version of Master’s Sun imo. Check back often as dramas end and premiere. Also isn’t it Secretary Min’s job to avoid messy complications like “opps, I hired your girlfriend’s law firm”? The previews for the upcoming episode for that week are usually out a couple of days before it airs. Lol Kang Joo Eun is set up as pretty level headed, and then kind of loses it on Kim Young Ho with all these expectations before the relationship even took off.

All of episode 8 was pretty adorable I like that Soo Jin is starting to get a chance to develop a bit more as a personJoo Eun really does bring out dtamanice best in people. What Should I Watch? Kim Hyung Seok Writer: Jung Hye Sung Supporting Cast. Yoo In Young Main Cast.

I’d love it if Soo Jin gt a redemption arc. Probably youtube or something.


Bringing the threads back together again. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. But maybe not, ih they met to do the child support in the earlier episodes. Definitely recommend though no telling how it’s going to end.

That part was pretty far down ep 7 so it felt a little disconnected I wasn’t thinking about what happened in ep 6 but now it makes sense.

Because sure yeah that’s a thing, but considering the aggressiveness with which he yelled at her to stay back Click here for draanice guide on how to tag spoilers in comments. In Korea, episode 9 and 10 are still actually being film as you watch episode 7 and 8.


Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! It’s just that he’s so bland.

dramanice oh my venus – PngLine

Our Header Image Want to learn more about the images we’ve used and dramas they represent? Is she Hyun Woo’s ex-husband’s mum? I love that fact about them as a couple. My daughters never really did and I didn’t teach him to so I’m not sure where he picked it up. I like that the drama epiwode being dramatic about their relationship. Also, that convenience store looks like the one from She was pretty. Anyway, she’s made it pretty dang clear how she feels about dishonesty though her use of “betrayal” seemed like ridiculous hyperbole so wtf dude?

I don’t see what the problem is.

Oh My Venus Episode 9

It’s a random quirk that my son does. This episode was Young Ho’s though in the ‘being awesome’ stakes. Sung Hoon Supporting Cast. Mh Can I Watch It? I saw elsewhere someone speculate that the ‘don’t come closer’ was an instinctual reaction originating from his treatment as a child.

I have a feeling that this cast will be wasted by bad writing, sadly. So his instinct was to push her away.