Sun Woo’s blindness that kept coming and going just miraculously healed itself. So how is it that this blind character is able to write a perfectly legible letter? Not Bad vs good guys intencity for the sake of intense scene. He nods and smiles at Sun-Woo. Equator Man lost the ratings race at the finish line, coming in right behind Rooftop Prince at If only they showed remorse jang Il more often, If only I can get that raw emotion when He torn wheter he want to killed Sun WOo the second time A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

How Jang-il ended up is open to interpretation, but my guess is that he’d be in a coma from almost drowning or back in an asylum. HI, Girl leave Mobile phone in the refrigerator. Thanks to you, I have realized there were friends rather than competitors in this world. Arhazivory May 28, at Thanks for the great review! Thank you so much for recapping Equator Man! Better set it to a soaring orchestral piece suitable for the sinking of the Titanic. He pleads his father not to humiliate himself just for the sake of his matter, but his father is persistent enough to do anything for him.

I may never forgive the ones that I hate, but I am going to strongly disagree with you about LBY acting too there is a reason why she got this role and sorry everytime she has a drama she brings in ratings and she acts that role.

Funny how selective melodramas can be about what to be melodramatic about. What did she find inside? I enjoyed it a lot! But, now I remember.

The Equator Man Episode 20

Jang II guilt literally ate him up. And no one got really punished for their crimes!!! Cry me a river I really feel bad for her! I also liked Jin’s end and equafor feel it came out episod nowhere.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I did like it a lot but it should’ve been edited better some scene changing was really baffling and Ji-Won should’ve been dropped or written differently. Jang-Il and his father who looks slightly drunk.


I never seen him feel bad about standing her up once and he’s always treated her eequator shit ever since he found out she was a shaman’s daughter,besides sunwoo has told soomi that jangil will never like her EVER so wtf is with that scene? Then, Chairman Jin realizes that someone is also there, witnessing what he has done: The teacher comes in when they are in the middle of the fight and after being sought why he came there in the first place, Jang-Il tells the teacher his intention to help Sun-Woo with his studies.

So that explains the pretty cinematography. Sun-Woo walks in with slight bruises and unexpectedly, Jang-Il shows him his answers secretly. I would love to see a more detailed, nuanced, fleshed out version of Jang Il in a movie. They stop at a railroad crossing and Soo-Mi proceeds to her direction sans Jang-Il dramscrazy his umbrella.

You heard mentioned as if he was still alive after the cliff scene but they did not show what had happened so we are clueless. Except for the that “not showing exact moment of change” as HeadsNo2 pointed out but even without it they felt real and engaging. He wants Jang-Il to go and meet people like him.

Do-ra-ma May 28, at 9: This drama did wonders for lee Jin hyuk n uhm tae woong’s careers. Sun-Woo then proceeds to eplsode him how to fight. I’m really surprised with this ending, salute, bravo, good job producers, writers, director, actors, and all And I kind of wonder whether the extension would’ve helped.

I may not have been completely satisfied with all the choices made, but I felt for the first time in a long time the very pull that hooked me to this show in the first place. Ji-won became the women she is today because of Sun-woo love. Even if I see him in another rom com, Jang Il won’t be far from my mind. Sign In Eqjator Up. That sounds super weird, but I can picture Soo-hyun turning into him he grows up enough to be playing a chairman figure. He just plays it so well.


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However, I admit that wanting her to display some remorse is strictly wish-fulfillment, and that it fits with her character to just remain awful forever. I do think if you look at the context of Jang Il’s apology letter, it sort of works. I need a tissue — scratch that, I need the whole box. After 10 years of waiting then refinding someone you loved so much why would you be anything but happy, strong, loving, and their rock?

Jang-Il refuses to budge, earning him a kick before he gets dragged outside. He looks at the answer and the owner before Jang-Il glances back at him.

Sometimes zippy, sometimes slow, but drxmacrazy to make you hungry every damn episode. You seemed to think it would out of character, but I would say it was actually hinted at many times before.

But I will keep reading your recaps! His father smiles and tells him to hurry up to eat at home. As you pointed out, the transitions between Jang Il and Sun Woo’s repentance and forgiveness were a bit fuzzy. I’m quite confused as well The reconciliation was good and the return of the younger cast was glorious but I knew that it was a Drammacrazy idea to go back to the cliff. By zzainal Started August 10, Chairman Jin notices the fresh wound on his arm.

Suddenly, he collapses to the ground. I’ll watch Bridal Mask and Ghost The best scene for me was on the cliff, no doubt