Water sports include sailing, skiing and canoeing. How do you pass your days? Announcement of his acceptance was made by Dr. Take care of George for me please. L, national com- mander of the Jewish War Veter- ans, will attend the 27th annual state convention at the Playboy Plaza Hotel, June The an- nouncement was made by Richard G. This identification far outweighed that of his Americanism or Judaism, but the degree of his loyalty to both these aspects of his life was tested. Parson, director of the Greater Miami brae] Bond organi- zation, who said that the telethon will be a major event in the current cam- paign to raise S75 million in Israel Bonds during the months of May and June.

Be ermancnl resident of Fascell’s Congressional Dis- trict 2. As you drivi along, you see a telephone or telegraph wire running parallel with the road. Recently the site was detected on Mar 11, , the Google pagerank is 1. IH73, or 11 Defaull “ill en County, Florida for uuiirovtil of The son-in-law of Sholom Alei- chem. They were the Brasil and Argentina, two of the most luxurious ships that ever graced any sea, now made even more so. Add one half cup seedless raisins to the kugel bailer.

Moses was therefore commanded to ap- point the Levites to the service of the tabernacle in substitution for the first born.

Excludes individual apartment taxes and utilities. A collation will fol low. Jewish War Veterans, U.

They were the Brasil and Argentina, two of the most luxurious ships that ever graced any sea, now made even more so. Delicious, well balanced hot Kosher Meat Lunches are serv-d daily in our air conditioned dining room.

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He is waiting to see how that deals with tiie subject before he reaches an opinion. Add he milk or milk and cream, and. Veendam and s Volendam are registered in the Netherlands Antilles.


Thursday evening, president Pearl Herman will preside at a business meeting held at the American Legion Hall. Please, would you mind translate this for me in EGYPTIAN ACCENT Hey, don’t you think I can speak arabic I am just a begginer A mexican girl enchanted with the arabic world hey,enta faker ene batkallim 3arabi ana bs lessa mobtade2a arsbic lessa bat3allim, ana bnt mn mexico mftoona bel 3alam el 3arabi motashaker salafan.

But after visiting it. After Elimelech’s death, his sons marry Moabite women. I wish i had a mother arabjc you, my parents never cared about me, as much as your son did.

On one wall arc letters from two rulers oi disparate hinds, a letter from XapoL-on.

Only a feu miles away, you see the Jordanian airport. He attends Palmetto Junior High School, where he plays first chair with the lancer band. And a hunted man becomes a hero in the end.

You’re so welcome DarkGirL anytime.

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Spain and the other countries of Eur- ope will want to have seen this also. Ruth becomes a gleaner after the reapers in the field of Boaz of the family of Elimelech. There s a magician in town who turns old furniture into new right in your own home. Wednesday, in the Financial Fed- eral Bldg. Paign executive committee and Past general chairman of the heater Miami Israel Bond com- mittee. She becomes angry at her friends when they are out having fun because she has always experienced a lack of attention from the old man she loves.

Tru v could then he asked bluntly: Li i ‘an La. It also hints that those who want him to resign will have to mount an intense campaign against him which will, in fact, split the country.

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The Auxiliary is sponsoring Mrs. But Shavuoth has also a deep re- ligious significance, for the holi- day has come to be associated with the giving oi the Torah on Mt Sinai. Volunteers Evelyn Clein, Patti. The representative or tne Arab League in Spain was also present at the meeting. One of the highlights of the week will be a leadership train- ing school for undergraduate, con- Jucted by Marjone. Has it proved too Teat a luxury for us to be em- battled over Jewish issues, and in.


The demonstrations began as soon as the audience was seated follow- ing the British national anthem. Schwartz, Pa trieia L. Monte Carlo; ancient islands like Delos: Please it’s possible, someone translate the following sentences? Robbi Max Lip schitz.

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IYour ship is the s. Kis- singer’s promise to L’. The page document, containing 41 pages of background material and obser- vations, and 23 pages of ap- araibc documents, asserts that the Security Council has not con- sidered the Middle East problem as a whole since the adoption of resolution in November.

Parson, director ol Israel Bonds in.

Nor- man Brown, of Coral Gables and the convention chairman, Mrs. Let it work for you. The two historical Johnson cases plague his mind To prevent the ghost of Andrew Johnson from taunting him, he has first to lay the ghost of Lyndon Johnson. An enthusiastic re- sponse honoring Judge Silver produced a record sale of S Rabbi Mpvies of our Jeuish youngsters. A moveis of the Auxiliary since Irs.

Tender, freshly cooked spaghetti. Idle to secure our ex; ‘ ted that then i I. Following a reception and dinner leld in the temple social hall, the ewlyweds left for a wedding trig o Acapulco.

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