Ichorcloth Wand Completed Wherein I attach some ichorium caps to the wand core and complete my super powerful new wand. For the next couple of weeks I’ll focus the SMP server series, which will have some sneak peaks at future additions and you’ll get to hear the mod developers talking about their plans, so be sure to watch! Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Isn’t that for puzzle maps? This will make life much easier for all of you and probably me. And I should change my signature banner too, I guess. If we keep doing it, then the Admins of Minecraftforum will lock this topic!

The void page is MINE! I’ve got tons of applications both minecraft related and not which some of you may find useful. Keep up the great work! Encoding, editing, uploading, etc. Additional Pipes Teleport Pipes v3. Sorry, no mod packs.

Welcome to Enigmatica 2 Expert!

Modded Minecraft Direwolf20 Pack, Version 2.0 Featuring Tedyhere: Episode 4: From Janky to Swanky!

Greetings from Brazil, Dire:. Sorry, no mod packs.

English is not my mother tongue, tell me if I do mistakes. I’ve found that immediately traveling back to the overworld as soon as possible is a good way to alleviate the lag. Continuing to climb the tower! I can’t wait for season 5.

I’m starting to run low on resources. I’m NOW on Facebook!


For those new to eirewolf20 series, I play on ‘Forgecraft’, a Minecraft Modded servers where many of the Forge mod developers beta test their mods prior to release. Also, make it cool! Weason the Unmovable Wherein I craft something that can move what normally is unmovable.

Follow me on Twitter: Also, it wuold be great if any admin could move this to the top so everyone reads it! MFFS — Get the config file in my world download, or right here.

Mod Spotlight – Forestry 1.7 – Tree Breeding

Hope you enjoy this season! Especially all the Redpower 2 goodies. Hey there Dire, could you or someone else by any chance post the versions of the mods your using? Season 5 will start just as soon episod all the mods are ready. Also, we may run into the occasional bug, but that’s how beta-testing goes! All block id resolutions are taken care of. Thanks for posting the mod list dire. You may see unreleased content in these videos, and some seaon it may receive balance tweaks before going live.

My world downloads will also be available through the launcher very soon, but until then, I’ve put the world download on my thread here below.

Mod Spotlight – Forestry – Tree Breeding – direwolf20 :: Let’s Play Index

Season 5 Episode 85 Void Age Finally! Season 6 Let’s Play details below. Thanks all, I’m excited to deason started! Probably about 1 per day, though don’t expect that frequency of XMas weekend: Curious how often you will be uploading as i love just throwing an ep on when i get home from work.


My old quarry was fun, but slow.

DirePack Season 3 Ep. Another Mob Grinder – смотреть онлайн на

Keep up with my thread here: Time to add some villager breeding mechanics to our villager sorter. Also, we upgrade our Mob Farm! Was watching SlowPoke’s stream earlier. Minecraft – Direwolf20 1.

Season 4, Episode 90 – World Download Season4, Episode – World Download Season 4, Finale – World Download Disclaimer I take no responsibility for anything breaking, bad things happening to your computer, your old minecraft worlds getting corrupt – etc etc. Below is episode 1 of Season 3. Jar mods Minecraft Forge v3. Epidode Solars – V2. Im so excited for episode 2.