In Mumbai, virgin devadasis fetch a high price. Moving into the Infinite German title: If I had a boy he could look after me in my old age, but if I had a girl, what would happen to her? Since , he has supervised film projects on academic faculties. Moving into the Infinite follows the travels and encounters of a modern Devadasi, and seeks to shed light on the nobility, mystery and beauty of this ancient, misunderstood heritage. Beeban Kidron’s film looks at the ancient but now illegal devadasi tradition, in which Hindu girls of southern India are married to a god in childhood, and at puberty sold for sex. The final project that emerged far outshone our calculating mind.

Certain planned scenes developed differently than expected or even did not take place at all. Lock In the Steps to Denuclearization. He can purify himself. Back in Germany and Switzerland, a collaboration with Budhi S. The Devadasi were banned from living in temple and dancing in processions and private homes. I was made to wear a dress made of neem branches. Take a look around this village. I was scrubbed with turmeric and bathed in neem water.

French-American author Catherine Rubin Kermorgant spent four years researching among devadasi women in Karnataka. The Victorian values that epitomised the Empire – monotheistic religion applied with missionary zeal. The Devadasi were banned from living in temple and dancing in processions and private homes.

One day everything is fine, the next, your life is destroyed. They have figured this out, they have thought that, OK, this could be a good economic option for this family.


Moving into the Infinite

As she travels the world, she meets and dances with people from different cultures, traditions and religions, sharing with them the smallest englisy of God, the human heart. Vani squeezed my arm. In its earliest designation, it referred to women who expressed their devotion through dance.

For the night of the girl-virgin, there was a big feast in the village. What am I hearing? In this fascinating film by acclaimed director Beeban Kidron, we go on an intimate journey into the twilight world of the devadasi and meet the girls of Karnataka, southern India, who are forced to live in this ancient tradition despite it having been declared illegal for more than 60 years. Vani leaned forward, touching the arms of witth women within her reach and looking them in the eye.

Today, one can hardly find Devadasis of the original lineage or intention. Others claimed that a Devadasi was neither a prostitute nor a nun: I led the procession to the temple that year. The other women nodded in agreement. Sex, Death and the Gods Storyville. Some say they led celibate lives, while others suggest sexuality was used for initiation purposes.

Her narrative journey celebrates what is important in life — to be oneself, to find one’s true nature, and to connect with that which is unchanging: Available in German and English. InParamjyoti founded her own school, focusing on movement, dance and awareness: But there is evidence of another pre-colonial tradition that was an elite of high englih women.


I pray to the gods every day for a child. I spent nine days at Liane Berghammer’s Horse School in order to prepare a scene with her black flul horse and stud stallion, “Hawk Stone Tom. Browse content similar to Sex, Death and the Gods. A documentary film essay.

You must protect yourselves. Even without sound or plot, it is possible to immerse oneself within the kaleidoscope of aesthetic and rich images.

I had to run up the hill with the pot of water on my head, wearing just a few sprigs of neem! Enylish documentary investigates the surprising history of this little-understood community, reveals their enylish and privileged past as concubines to the princes and priests of India’s ruling class, and explores their heritage as dancers and entertainers.

Eckart Reichl was born in in Dresden. Facing the unfamiliar can be frightening.

Becoming a Devadasi

Protect yourselves—not even the goddess can cure AIDS. In the Devadasi system girls are dedicated whilst still children to the goddess Yellamma.

You must provide shelter to strangers, and never tell untruths.

I had three brothers and they worked in the fields, so I stayed in the village and took men as they came.