The Demon King is Born! BBCode Modified by darkkiller0, Jun 4, 1: It seemed she had other personality. Akuto comes to understand that, in order to protect Kena, he must make her truly free — and that means eliminating the mana-generating and mana-controlling computer, God. The “protecting the public” reasoning somehow reminded me of a lamer Batman Brave may be a horrible character but it’s understandable that he wants to protect people. And what Akuto does to rectify the problem is go kill the gods.

I mean seriously, listen to the quote: All Rights Reserved Questions? Because Purple hair summoned them. It just shows your inherent view against religion and provides sources of exploitation from which others can destroy your argument. I still have no idea why everyone is fighting other than “omg he’s the demon lord, we must fight him. I shall do research on that later. Akuto comes to understand that, in order to protect Kena, he must make her truly free — and that means eliminating the mana-generating and mana-controlling computer, God. V I had 0 expectations from this but aside from ep7 which was epic fail the rest was quite good.

So he goes with the monster gang to kill the gods because he believes that the system is deluding everybody to kill each other, war. And to be honest I don’t see a horrible system in the story that does horrible actions I can recall, of course I may not remember. Are you wpisode to stand there and hope Godzilla doesn’t do anything?

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Episode 10 Discussion

I think I’m the only one undut enjoys this show fully and not annoyed by any aspect of it. Does that mean we attack them to end their evil? Cloudy Anime Moderator Offline Joined: They should have made it into 24 episodes but as long as they don’t turn out the last two episodes like episode 7, I think that it should have a decent ending.

And Yuri seems to be in love with attention. Might as well make him into superman.


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Instead of ending the so called system of war and death, you create an even worse situation. Now that you explained yourself thoroughly, I agree with you, however I am not sure about Hitler being not religious.

Bouichiro’s plan is coming to fruition: Akuto and Peterhausen seem to be in quite some trouble, but they will pull through, I think! I mean this guy went from epiode the weakest to being the strongest?

Comments on the new EP: I wouldn’t mind a second season, depending on how they finish things. Akuto meets Fujiko Eto, the female dorm leader and the only person who seems to understand him at school.

I believed this anime can still get better than this I was sure that he was going the Keena route but these previous two episodes seem to have brought back that crush he had on Junko in the beginning.

However, the bad outweighs the good. Ok what the hell the plot was coming at me at like mph to the point where i was questioning so much of wtf is going on.

Just put away Peterhausen, put away the monsters, get everybody to explain to the ninjas that the blonde guy is evil and be done with it. This is the only thing that irkes me about this series, otherwise I like it. V I had 0 expectations from this but aside from ep7 which was epic daimqo the rest was quite good. Plus he does not even know what he is fighting for.

And what happened with Junko’s sister? But yeah, I agree with everything else. If you’re going to say something, please learn more before replying. Is that really the right thing? I completely condemn the writers for making the stupid little kid Brave, I belive, and such a stupid name into a pathetic Megaman tool.

Also, I wouldn’t really considered it rushed, but I’m not even close to annoyed except EP 7. I’d say there is a high chance Akuto will cure that for her just like he de-demonized the dog a while back.


Pardon my ignorance but I am not really sure about the, “he did not convince the catholic church to back him up, he forced them to” part. After Akuto demolishes the practice yard during what should 110 been an easy magic lesson, Mitsuko suggests he spends time in the mental discipline chamber in order to learn to control mana. Nah, excessive fanservice for the unwashed masses lol.

I don’t get it. Akuto, Eiko, Hiroshi and Korone epksode the underground graveyard beneath the charnel house, where they find evidence of past battles. In this school, there’s no rest for the Devil King.

Although he is meant to go alone, Korone and Kena accompany him, as Fujko appears outside with a scheme to gain his loyalty. Bouichiro makes his presence known once again, executing his own plans to the tee. I thought he looked up to him when he was saved by him. Akuto is angered by this revelation. And what do you know?

That’s how he was backed up. Do you go right to them and do the same thing they do by using force? In truth, the only reason people got hurt at all was because of Akuto and his demon-lord powers and so the “bad guys” take advantage of that to gain power. But they don’t need them around anymore. It’s not religion that does that to people but people use religion to justify being bad.

It’s a tad confusing with this much plot happening in a short amount of time. I think if Peterhausen semon just been in every episode from the beginning, this show would be demom better than it is.