A four-panel comic strip adaptation drawn by Masumi Futaba started serialization in Monthly Dragon Age on November 8, List of Chrome Shelled Regios episodes. Iwanami, Yoshikazu Sound Director. Yuuta Togashi saat sekolah menengah pertama menderita sindrom chuunibyou, yaitu sindrom dimana anak yang masih smp bertingkah seol Nina Antalk Takagaki Ayahi eps 5, 7, 10 Kaze no Stigma Sub Indo Sinopsis:

Akai Yakusoku Jewelpet Twinkle: The last 25th volume which is an epilogue of the story was published in September in Japan. ShieldedLion – Oct 25, This page was last edited on 12 August , at Fantasy , Adventure , Post-Apocalyptic. Ranked Popularity Members , However, his past has caught the attention of Kalian Loss , the Student Council President and Nina Antalk , a Military Arts student and Captain of the 17th Platoon, who instantly recognizes his abilities and decides he’s the perfect candidate to join her group.

There is a story timeline for those who are interested to read the short stories of the short story collections of the series in the correct chronological order. Shogun Epiaode yaitu Tokugawa Yoshimune memerintahkan agar kotak suara seger These highlight the universe of Gargantia!

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Alur cerita Gundam SEED adalah alur cerita yang sebenarnya cukup sederhana, tapi karena banyak karakter yang terlibat, menjadi Regios are moving cities, sheltering humanity on the barren and polluted Earth that is populated by Filth Monsters.

Sharnid All reviews 98 people found this review helpful. Leerin Marfes Takahashi Mikako eps 6, 12 The series follow Layfon’s life in Zuellni and occasionally has flashbacks of his life in Glenden as a Heaven’s Blade.


Caught up in a fight that was rapidly getting out of hand, Layfon settled the commotion without anyone’s help. Felli Loss Nakahara Mai eps 4, 9, 11 Kaze no Stigma Episode end Sub Indo. Add to My List.

PV English dub version play More videos Edit Synopsis In a post-apocalyptic world overrun with mutated beasts called Limbeekoon or Filth Monsters, regips is forced to live in large mobile cities called Regios and learn to use special weapons called Dite, by harnessing the power of Kei to defend themselves. A third manga adaptation drawn by Watari is serialized in Beans Ace magazine.

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ShieldedLion – Oct 25, Hakusho adalah sebuah serial manga Jepang yang ditulis dan diilustrasikan oleh Yoshihiro Togashi dengan adaptasi anime. The series finished with 25 light novel volumes – with 19 volumes of the main story-line and 6 being the side-story novels.

Retrieved from ” https: The finale is a complete departure for the series and is unique to the anime only, and possibly changing the entire outcome of the original story.

A science fiction light novel series titled Legend of Regios is set in the past world of Chrome Shelled Regios series, and published by Fujimi Shobo under its Style-F label. Fujimoto, Jirou Episode Director, Storyboard. A short story light novel series was serialized in Dragon Magazine. List of Chrome Shelled Regios characters. Tokumoto, Yoshinobu Episode Director. Privacy policy About Baka-Tsuki Disclaimers.

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Nina Antalk Takagaki Ayahi eps 5, 7, 10 Categories Akame ga Kill! Those who wish to contribute are asked to first notify a supervisor beforehand via the forum. Only upon its destruction can everything revert to the real world. List of Chrome Shelled Regios episodes. While Suisei no Gargantia could easily get lost in the annals of anime history, it is certainly one that any anime fan should devote some time to watching. regioe


Chrome Shelled Regios

Nobunaga the Fool Sub Indo Episode end. Planet Barat dan Planet Timur. Yagami Kazuma awalnya bagian dari Keluarga Kannagi, keluarga yang dihormati pengguna api yang memiliki afi Jan 2, 8: Help improve our database by adding background information here.

Argevollen Episode Sub Indo Sinopsis: The anime is a departure from the light novels simplifying and juxtaposing plot lines in order to fit more than twelve novels into a twenty-four episode format. If — Fortune Arterial: Edit Background No background information has been added to this title. Meiji Kenkaku Romantan 2 Users D. A Rainbow of Smiles Doki Doki!

Ranked Popularity MembersNew Testament Unlimited Fafnir. Views Read Edit View history. Gundam Seed Episode end Sub Indo.

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