Sharadha comes to know about Srinivas’s injury and very angered, goes to kill Prasad and Prabha. Eswaran Pandian and Yogi fails to save Sharadha and Eswaran is arrested. Gopuram is the story of two brothers Vasanthan and Jayanthan. Madhavan keeps on supporting her. He has a best friend, Krishna Subalekha Sudhakar , son of a box factory watchman. He apologies to Viji before dying and Anand’s chapter is over.

Prabha angered at Prasad argues with him and he leaves home devastated. Eswara Pandian is not fond of Sharadha and favours Shakti over her. Her slight affection to her biological son, Srinivas, angers and upsets Prasad and Velu Mani finds the relevant document of Prasad being Sharadha’s son, and is shocked. But things changes and Madhavan’s mother accepts Kaveri with full heart. Everyone is shocked about this. She dies of injuries but gives birth to a healthy baby girl whom Yogi names Shakti.

Sharadha illam case is solved and Sharadha gets back her home. It is shown that Krishna actually told Padmavathy the truth before he died.

Mostrar controles del Reproductor. Vaidhegi is presumed dead and Kaveri longes for a mother’s love. Even she joins the same department of Kaveri at Kaveri Garments, and both enjoy working there. Kaveri stays with Sharadha and her mother-in-law falls sick.

Kaveri’s mother-in-law starts hating srial, for hiding the truth about Nagu. But she doesn’t want to bring her past, and dedicates her complete life to Kaveri and Ramu, but still they make Yogi stay in their home, as he was a successful Manager for Kaveri Garments and Architect for Sharadha Illam as none knew about the past.

Yogi’s mother’s brother is Eshwara Pandi, as Yogi lost his mom as toddler, he grew at Eashwaran house. Ramu gets irritated and in the episofe, to prove his stand he had no other choice but to accept the woman.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prabhavathi poisons Prasad’s mind that Ramu and Sharadha are the reason Krishna died. She starts to love her chithi more and realizes her mistake, and soon sharadha starts to find groom for her with Ramu and Krishna. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks or boxesmisplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Tamil script.


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His name is Madhavan who belongs to same caste as Ramu. Amidst this, Sharada and Shakti’s mother dies in a bomb blast and Sharadha fights with her father. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Nagu tries very hard to avenge Kaveri. Srinivas comes home and Sharadha breaks down in front of him. They ho to Prabha’s house and Prabha requests Sharadha to leave Prasad and never come back. The owner of the house is Janaki Mahalingam 1st love and her 2 daughters.

The show premiered on 20 December The Ssrial on the other hand,orders his men to kill Sharadha. Needs to be brought into conformity with WP: Madhavan turns out be the anonymous man who accidentally loses his money which the brothers find.

They set her saree on fire and she jumps into the river.

Srivatsan marries his doctor friend Sangeetha and stays in her house. She even used to insult srinivas for being a lame person.

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When Ramu and Krishna become successful in business, Prabha come forward to reveal her love to Ramu, but he said esrial has Sharadha waiting for him at Agraharam. Padmavathy dies in an accident and Prabha comes to meet Ramu in the ashramam and learns the truth. As days pass, both Sharadha and Prabhavathi become pregnant. Prabha angered at Prasad argues with him and he leaves home devastated. Sharadha, realizing Prabha’s true love for Prasad, promises her that she spisode not take Prasad from her and Prasad would always remain as her son.

This article contains Tamil script. Now Vaidhegi and her mother are staying with Sharadha in a rented house.


Chithi 303

A few years later, Prabha is released and the whole family pose for the final family photograph. It aired Monday through Friday at 9: The brother duo face a lot of hurdles in life and finally manage to build a soft drink business. Ramu returns back after sometime. They face a lot of ups and downs in life, watch epiaode know what happens next.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Views Read Edit View history. Shakti’s crush on Srinivas starts to bother Ramu as technically, Srinivas and Shakti are brother and sister as their mothers, Prabha and Viji are half-sisters.

Shweta scolds her saying that she always preferred Kaveri over her own children, causing Sharadha to get more angry on her and elisode her out of Kavery Garments. Yogi completes telling the story to Ramu and the rest and Sharadha’s secret is out. Prabha is having a dilemma to choose between Prasad or Srinivas.

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Viji faces problems at the factory due to her past life with Anand and Sharadha gets her married to Yogi. Shreedar starts to investigate cuithi case together with Brindha and they highly suspect Prabha to be behind it.

Sharadha runs for her life and jumps into the water and the little Kaveri saves her life in Kavery River, at Srirangam, which happened in the beginning of the show.

But he did not chlthi Shweta to fall for Kannan. Prabhavathi makes Kaveri to turn towards her to take revenge on her father and step mother. Retrieved from ” https: Vasanthan serrial Jayanthan co-incidently hire Madhavan’s daughter, Padmini, in their firm and learn about the atrocities he faced in his life. No one knows the truth till end. Nevertheless, Sharadha and Shakti are very close to each other.