Looks at his reflection in Se Kyung, has been there, wants to help, but being rebuffed and not sure how. She asks Tommy if he regrets joining her. She shd have known by now , throughout her interactions , that this icy agasshi would not melt with her kneeling before her. All the tension is gone, especially the sizzling romantic frisson between Seung Jo and Se Kyung. What happened to his personality? Such is life in K-dramaland. I’m interested how he meet Yoon joo in the first place. Now that she is “in” CDD and living her “dream life” of luxury and being a CDD wife – she is terribly afraid of loosing it all.

Actually , I think in reality , a person in IH’s stead would not have come thus far in wrecking so much damage. And Tommy has taken a sharp left turn and clearly has a crush on Se Kyung totally understandable but should have been there like 6 episodes ago and wants to protect her. In-hwa thinks the Tick is arrogant for trying to confess and apologize. He may just be playing stupid. Coach Tick thinks that is better than ending like this. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Her crime was that she intentionally calculated her reception of Seung Jo based on his status and purse strings. VS January 21, at 2:

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He notices the phone on the table and the video playing. Even in real life, we all have our own ways to cope up with reality.

Education also enters into it quite a bit. So what’s the crime here?

He needs chengdam get angry, to release whatever he feels at the moment. He then congratulates Seung-jo and Se-kyung again and quickly exits the room to delete the video. When she tried to tell him her confession when they started dating, he refused to let her speak and want to aired his first.

I understand you Koala.

I hope she starts doing movies again. Thank you for your recap,Kaedejun. The developing in the charactors didnt make sense.


Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 13 Recap

She dares them to erase that video, since clearly Yoon-joo must have erased the one sent to Min-hyuk. I know this is a loose interpretation so I didn’t brush up on the story before taking on this drama, but I believe that’s how it goes.

After all, fear makes mice of men and women. That really warms my heart and is a big reason I still love the show. I can actually understand how she allowed her pride to fuel her self righteousness and remain unrepentant when she’s called on the carpet for her actions.

We have to build coping skills to handle the short comings of others. I find it rather baffling the epsode of viewers to project what I say to mean something else.

Cheongdaam has chatted with the doc about wanting to explore who he is.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 13 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

Where did his smarts go? They went on vacation and he acted like everything was fine, but he had actually broken up with Yoon Joo a few weeks before. So its a competition to beat out the other families for business relationships and “face” among the elite families.

Besides, doesn’t Alice come out of that rabbit hole at some point? Is the episode extension approved already or not? It is easy to be brave when you have nothing to lose – not so easy when you have it in your hand and want to hold on to it. In Hwa’s discovery and involvement was never in Yoon Joo’s plan, so she didn’t know how to cope, thus she succumbed to fear. Daddy Cha says that his relationship with his son and that with GN Fashion will be destroyed.

VS January 21, at 4: Crying would just dheongdam to her guilt that she really is a bad girl. I’d love to read your thoughts about why this relationship will cost cheongdan more if she loses it. It’s not that the In Hwa or Min Hyuk had personality changes. She gave up Seung Joo eventhough she claimed to have love him with a view that she will have a better future.


But again maybe my easy acceptance of Seung jo’s character was because my father is a psychiatrist and I had heard similar and also more crazy case than Seung jo. If she can stay beside Seung Jo for the rest of his ailce

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But hey this is K drama. Sorry, this content is not available in your region. Study design, pick the guy who accepts her for all her 133 and strengths, get away from the crazy world of GN Fashion, Artemis, and Royal.

He is the president of an important company but acts like a freaking 6 years old emotionnaly speaking.

To Korea’s credit, at least they’re honest about it. Seung-jo returns to his room and snaps a photo of him smiling to send to Se-kyung. They overlooked the fact that In-hwa is a woman ie prideful. I can hardly be made to care for whether Seung Jo and Se Kyung get together and overcome all odds because nothing they say cheeongdam do make any sense to me anymore.

For some weird reason ccheongdam can be excuse for their behavior when they cheat on their wives because it must be the women who is at fault.

Cheongdaam has always had a back bone, and showed it here. While it was “outright denial” and a violation of his sense for perfectionism, in another ,it was also perfectly a ‘normal’ and logical move to me.

Paging, paging the psychologists in this playground! Seung Jo later tucks his drunk dad in bed.