Have you taken CAT before? What are the next steps I should take for the exams coming ahead? There were questions based on Analogies, creating a word out of jumbled letters and identifying its meaning, and replacing a part of a given sentence by the correct one. Team CL on November 16, at I received specific inputs thats only possible on a one on one session. The program at CL has been very personalised. You can apply to MDI especially if you have a good academic record.

Have you taken CAT before? The selection of sets to attempt was very important. Please help me sir. Raisa, yes we can expect such a paper. The GA section this year was difficult. In fact, one question on infinite series involving logarithms was way too difficult and it required understanding of Taylor series, which is usually not expected in MBA entrance exams.

Reading Comprehension went back to its usual lengthy self. Raisa, yes we can expect such a paper. Tets i get any iim sir, without any work experience. Appy on November 23, at 1: Soaham Datta on November 24, at 2: I have a few doubts. Sridhar, whenever the sections are ssries there is only a sectional cutoff so theoretically you can get a call from IIFT without attempting DI if the QA and DI sections are combined, however it will be prudent to not leave DI completely and get at least marks.

Practised two ssix section paper, really not comfortable with that. Updated as per the CAT pattern The academic team is always in step with the changes in pattern.

Currently I am doing BBA from distance learning ie. The number of questions mentioned careeer section are the attempts by the author and his strategy to solve the paper. Twin, with 44 marks you are on the edge but hopefully you will make it to the next stage.


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With there being 6 sections this time, VA and RC as separate sections along with LR and DI, students needed to manage their time across sections extremely deftly to ensure that they go past ,auncher sectional cut-offs. Questions were lengthier, though mostly moderate to difficult. The difficulty level also went much further.

Milind, this is fine if you can stick to the plan. Which area s do you suggest need s improvement. Team CL on July 25, at 3: Is this score good enough to expect a call Reply.

Optimizing the IIFT Score

There were four sets on Tables and one set on Mixed Graph. The last DI had a small error in graph C. While the questions in all four passages were easy, not all are direct questions and it required some effort to get these right.

The General Knowledge section, as usual, was difficult for many students. Was having huge expectations out of my self which was being overpressurising n getting panicking.

I am battling with my VA section more than anything else, how can i improve it in the last run to CAT. I have not been scoring well recently after the pattern caresr. What should I do in the last few days left? However, carefr we ignore the same, we may force fit the answer too! All the 4 RC passages were of moderate difficulty level.

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Because my launxher exam goes well until I start solving DI. The Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension had to be attempted separately. Team CL on November 23, at 1: I received specific inputs thats only possible on a one on one session. The questions were more of inference based rather than facts based, which made this section challenging.


The selection of sets to attempt was very important. Shyne on November 17, at 9: Appy, it is possible that IIFT will claim that it was delibrate but I am sure that it is printing error. RC — minutes 4. There were some sitters in the paper and any good student giving about 25 to 30 minutes in this section could have scored about 10 to 12 marks.

DI — 15 minutes 6. GP on November 13, at 5: Manisha, focus on the sections in which you can increase your score. Selection of the right questions to attempt was very important. GP on November 13, at 3: The cut-offs are expected to be very low. Ijft are few questions which are based on the factual data which can be easily traced in the passage and few questions with match the following construct.

The Kauncher area was full of vocabulary intensive questions. The accuracy level in this section is usually higher and hence a potential score of 18 to 20 can be obtained if one uses the time judiciously and picks the right sets to solve. GP describes his academic performance launchsr in life as pathetic.

GP on November 18, at 2: Of these, the sets on Relationships and Analogies among Alphabets, Blood Relations and relationship and Circular Arrangement were doable and any student giving about 15 minutes to these sets would have been able to solve them easily.