And their research leader? Instead of hating, Young is terrified of fire, factory, and the person who brings kimchee to Shin Ae Read: Y says she doesnt and wonders if ghosts like flowers too MS: KJW did a good job cuz there were scenes including last week that his acting really reminded me of little DJ. Coming this far, Woo Ri is perky about his identity being her pianist teacher. Archived from the original on November 28, Kim Yeo Jin Supporting Cast. He wants to speak to Woo Ri but Min Soo rambles on and eventually she dozes off.

Notify me of new posts via email. Of course, Jun Ha flatly says no and tells Dong Joo to go. She even shows him how speedy their transaction could be with her lightning fast legs! It is not good for you! Cover your ears and listen to their voice. As he explains how hard every day is for Woo Ri, Seung Chul is on the verge of tears. Agitated, Dong Joo leaves the room.

Woo Ri rings the door and Dong Joo answers, telling her to leave, he has said what needed to be said. Btw 49 days last episode sure had lots and lots of plot huh? Hwang Jung Eum Main Cast.

[Recap] Can You Hear My Heart Ep. 9 & 10

hdar He opens his eyes and pulls her into his embrace. Seriously, I hope Jung Eum is drinking enough water! Notify me of new comments via email.


She has dropped their bond for 16 years as quickly as kicking a rock out of the way. Archived from the original on December 26, Seeing how hard life is for her, Seung Chul begs his parents for money. I find both of them share a lot of things in common.

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He let her die in the burning factory and even attempted to put the blame on them. He shows her a simple solution by beeping his car, which is parked three feet away. Sorry about having to redo 49 days. The next morning, Seung Chul is all prepped up, wearing a suit to sell cars. How will the three reconcile their unexpected connection? I love whenever DJ and Y have a scene together. Woo Ri stares at him and waves it off.

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Trust me — heatr was not intentional for 49 days E it never used to take so long but these days I am ending later and later cuz i am filling in more lines than usual. It is not good for you!

Woo Ri peeks through the blinds and sees Dong Joo playing with her red bean pouch!

I mean the father already know he is not. Woo Ri stops in her track when she sees Dong Joo, with his ear phones on, staring at the flowers. Too funny love her face!


When mu sees Woo Ri working with her masked dad in a distance, he breaks into a smile. Dong Joo returns home to see Young Gyu waiting for him at the gate.

M explains D did it for work and it got complicated — he didnt do it on purpose T: Can You Hear My Heart? Yyou am waiting for the torrent to watch this episode, and I am going back to read it one more time ok.


After the meeting, the other directors congratulate Dong Joo, looking forward to his future projects. She acts like a jealous girlfriend. Hwang Young Hee Supporting Cast.

Woo Ri heads off to meet him, stopping Seung Chul in time. How cute it is that they are both fasinated with every little thing around them. TNmS Ratings in Korean. Lee Hye Young Supporting Cast.