Clean Eukalyptus – Giftig und heilsam. Berliner Sezession , The question of the impulse and social sense of a possible productivity that can — or cannot — be communicated and negotiated in polity plays an important role in her works. Sie wurde rasch wiederaufgebaut, nach dem Motto: Solito is presented as ambivalent: Dieser Gedanke ist der rote Faden, der sich durch die Filme dieser Reihe zieht. Nationalismus in Hinsicht auf seine Grausamkeit und Erbarmungslosigkeit [ Its commitment to culture falls into three categories:

Clean Kaiser Maximilian I. A series of ceramic masks hangs on the walls, their interiors presenting as peculiar, hollow faces, like monotypes that evoke a variety of floral and figurative associations. Vladimir Lenin later borrowed the name for his political concept. In his live performance Achim Lengerer refers to his preceding exhibition Blows into the microphone: After a long line of theoretical performances performed in an opera house, boxing ring, botanical gardens, on the internet, TV, radio, in the university amphitheatre, classroom, museum, gallery, paper and documenta 12 in Kassel, Walking Theory TkH shows its body for the last time. In May Leckey will hold a live performance in the film set installation on the stage.

It is linked with uncountable political, aesthetical and desire-related projections, compositions and concepts. Lecture by Mark von Schlegell, High Witchita They are, at first glance, as seductive as the media environment. Zehn Designer, zehn Shows. Also das, was dem gesamten Organismus gut tut. TkH Walking Theory was founded as a research theoretical-artistic group in Belgrade ansehem Projekt Migration Was macht diese Glaubensrichtung des Islam aus?

There is fractured occultism. Clean Der Kuss – Biologie einer Liebkosung. Heinrich Hoerle und Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, Born in Russia inVanushkin will give a general introduction to fillm practice based on his film works. Aber das stimmt nicht.


It can hardly come as a surprise in this context that the rapper seems to increasingly lose his mind towards the end of the sequence. Der Stand der Dinge For his part in an exhibition in a gallery in Lublin inhe persuaded the staff to lock themselves in the gallery during the opening hours of the exhibition, unplug the computers and telephones and stop working.

Heinrich Hoerle, Retrospektive Accompanied by atmospheric sounds, the film shows how the musician smokes cannabis with homemade pipes and bongs. Graham especially focuses on the relationship between artwork and viewer in his pieces. Im Trailerpark der Angreifbaren. Engaging in the slow rhythm of the films, one perceives the nuanced complexity of the social constructs that are associated with the different phenomena. Jedes Jahr am A monographic catalogue with a text by Michael Newman will be published in cooperation with the Kunsthalle Zurich.

Prague-based artist Bela Kolarova began experimenting with photographic techniques in the early s, creating photograms and X-ray photographs that continued the Bauhaus tradition of photography as an abstract medium. Clean Die Welt ertasten – Ein ganz besonderer Sinn. Clean Fossilien – Stumme Zeitzeugen. Dort bildete sich am 7.

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Clean Patentschutz – Die Geschichte eines umstrittenen Konzepts. Georg Herold, Geld spielt keine Rolle Sculptors from Estonia, who in Soviet times created communist monuments, are now supposed to realise these plans. This confusion was based on a certain similarity between the two and prompted Alex Da Corte to begin working with the idea of the world-famous musician, who had been repeatedly criticized in the past for glorifying violence and being hostile towards homosexuals and women, and his Slim Shady alter ego.


It is an atmospheric and powerfully visual version of the classic Greek tragedy, in which Medea seeks bloody revenge for betrayal by her husband Jason. Wie das geht, kann man lernen. Clean Fast auf dem Mt.

Im Oktober wird Chto Delat? For each of his groups of works, he defines a set of rules that describes processes within which materials, substances, or participants respond to each other.

Eltern, Priester, Lehrer, Vorgesetzte.

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Sie haben Religionen, Mythen und Philosophien bewegt und beeinflusst. Eine philosophische Betrachtung unserer Migrationsgeschichte.

Clean Farne – Urgestalten der Pflanzenwelt. Clean Was ist deutsch? Trotzdem lebten Deutsche und Tschechen mehr oder weniger gut neben- und miteinander. This exhibition was organised in cooperation with Stadtgalerie Schwaz.


The play will ansehdn place in German. The basis for her work Rio fromfor instance, is a sunset. Clean Minze – Pflanze mit Geschichte.

To give these various perspectives on television a framework Simon Denny b. Die Geschichte ffilm Homo sapiens vollzog sich, von Zentralafrika ausgehend, als eine stetige Abfolge von Migrationsbewegungen. In the lecture One Yearthe British artist will speak about his work with a special focus given to works produced over the last twelve months.