Seems like it, so everyone can actually still use Shikai? As Ichigo watches the fight, he notices some weird pattern on the skyscraper above HI and Muramasa. The ending was good when Ichigo was able to force Muramasa out with sheer force. As Shuuhei is talking, Kazeshini appears behind him. Renji charges up his reiatsu and is about to call out his shikai. Kyoraku questions what would happen if the zanpakuto lose; do they die or will they revert into their sword form? It was obviously the main spotlight of the episode yet for some reason this episode is titled “Clash! HI tells Muramasa that he ain’t half bad.

Renji ends the argument saying that they are still friends. His zanpakto kinda reminds me of the fairies or whatever in A Midsummers Night Dream, dunno why. Seeing Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo working together for a change was refreshing too. Zabimaru-M questions Zabimaru-F’s lack of enthusiasm while using the shikai. Ichigo should take a hint from his hollow. Glad Renji was able to call out zabimaru’s shikai, but i need an explanation, other than he tried harder.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. He attacks from behind which causes Muramasa to be thrown against one of the skyscrapers. This is reflected by the way that Hisagi does not use Shikai like the bleahc vice captains. Don’t really get it how Renji managed to call out Zabimaru blsach, I guess we’ll just see how that plays out.


Shuuhei looks behind as Kazeshini attacks Shuuhei.

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Hollow Ichigo fights smart and uses Zangetsu better than Ichigo, imo. Zabimaru-F taunts Renji at how weak he truly is and the failure to protect those who were close to him.

To sum this up, this episode was a lot better than last episode because it was mostly action yet some character-induced plotlines added in the mix. Renji is surprised that he cannot use the shikai.

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HI jumps and attacks Muramasa with his flailing sword. Kira is apparently fighting Kazeshini as well. Maybe he’s sort of based on them. Ichigo realizes that HI is being tangled up by Muramasa’s appendages but it can only be seen through a reflection. These are the best fillers I’ve seen until now.

Isshin becomes angry with Ryuken as he kisses one of these pics. Bleach episode sub.

Suddenly, Ichigo’s reiatsu begins to glow. You know, when he was actually a good character. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Member Sep 1, This surprises even Ichigo. Meanwhile, Hisagi is running in the forest hearing Kazeshini’s laughs and taunts. Muramasa gets back up and realizes that HI really is a hollow. Muramasa blocks with the sword. BBCode don’t click this link Yet it still piqued my interest to see how their characters conflicted.


While Kazeshini loves to kill judging by his swordhe hates how Hisagi was his pure opposite. HI jumps high to avoid whatever attack Muramasa is planning against him, at the same time taunting his opponent.

Zabimaru voices are wierd, the chick sound like a dude, and the kid sound like grown man. Zabimaru-F uses the chain to gain high speed against Renji, then uses the shikai. I loved the renji story too.

The ending was good when Ichigo was able to force Muramasa out with sheer force. Ryuken also becomes angry as Isshin showed up, planning to kill him. Ukitake and Kyoraku continue to talk about the zanpakuto battles.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Replaces phrase killer instinct with shiro instinct.

Zabimaru-F and Zabimaru-M talk a bit to Renji. Glad Renji was able to call out zabimaru’s shikai, but i need an explanation, other than he tried harder.

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