Bandele worked with the Royal Court Theatre , the Royal Shakespeare Company , as well as writing radio drama and screenplays for television. Treacherous because, well, movies are short, and novels are long. It’s also full of razor-sharp insight on immigration and cultural identity, the shifting concept of home, and blackness in America, Nigeria, and Britain. The British Council flew me to England, and within something like four weeks I had a publisher and an offer of a job on the arts desk of a weekly Nigerian newspaper in London. Archived from the original on 8 August When the shoot finally began, the drama didn’t stop. And so it continues

The announcement didn’t include a date that the film will eventually be released now that it’s been approved for release. Biyi Bandele’s novels, which include The Man Who Came in from the Back of Beyond and The Street , have been described as “rewarding reading, capable of wild surrealism and wit as well as political engagement. It saw a limited theatrical release, which means many of you didn’t see it Based on Chimamanda Ngozi Adicie’s novel of the same name, Biyi Bandele ‘s stuttering directorial debut is a valiant attempt to navigate a tumultuous period in Nigerian history, but not an enormously successful one. B iyi Bandele is in trouble. I had known Jimmy all my life. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Retrieved 8 August

It’s the other Chiwetel Ejiofor film at Toronto this year; and though 12 Years a Slave dominated headlines, Sun was met with a rapturous reception by a substantial crowd that included many of Toronto’s Nigerian expat community.

Thandie Newton got typhoid too, but she was incredible. Find out what’s happening in the banrele as it unfolds. Now, with Half of a Yellow Sun, his own creative vision is finally up on screen. Just three years later — his career flourishing in playhouses up and down the country — Bandele wrote a screenplay which was picked up by the BBC, who attached a young up and coming director to it.

I had known Jimmy all my life.

In an interview with IndieWire, Carbone explained that after the members of the collective had a good run of making money in commercial work. And so although I had yet to set foot outside Kafanchan, although I knew nothing about postwar British society, or the Angry Young Menor anything about Osborne when I met Jimmy Porter on the screen The Festival will screen a.


Check out Jilo Katter’s review of the film below. He is perched on a white leather sofa in a plush Toronto suite. First I moved into a friend’s house a few streets away with a bunch kovies friends, and then I started to travel around Nigeria and I got a job with a Lebanese guy who had a kind of gambling empire in the northern part of the country.

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moives Views Read Edit View history. Some even had malaria. Yet another article about ” Half of a Yellow Sun ” I can hear you saying. How Mariah Carey transformed this woman’s life. It saw a limited theatrical release, which means many of you didn’t see it He moved to London in As for his actual vision, however … well, that might still be a little blurry.

So I wasn’t daunted. Order by newest oldest recommendations. That he was excited by such apparent traumas fits with a life that saw him move out of his family home at 14 and straight into the Nigerian gambling underworld.

And so it continues Listen to him tell the story of the production of Half of a Yellow Sun and his anxiety becomes even more explicable.

It became available just yesterday. Bandele has written of the impact of John Osborne ‘s Look Back in Angerwhich he saw on a hire-purchase television set in a railway town in northern Nigeria:.

Open to both established filmmakers and emerging talent in the independent space, the Flies Collective Film Grant will provide funding that allows promising, original projects to start production.

They’ve got a respectable filmography, and the last. Topics Toronto film festival I had to make ‘Half of the Yellow Sun’.

Nigerian soap-opera tackles HIV It introduces the finest new British and international films to an expanding London and UK-wide audience. Set in the late s, the film follows twin sisters Olanna Newton and Kainene Anika Noni Rose as they arrive back home in Nigeria having finished their studies in England. Bandele spent the first 18 years of his life in the northern part of the country in the Hausa cultural tradition. Biyi Bandele ‘s feature film, which is being distributed by Monterey Media, and stars Chiwetel EjioforThandie NewtonJohn BoyegaAnika Noni RoseJoseph Mawle and Genevieve Nnajiis a drama that weaves together the lives of four people swept up in the turbulence of civil war, with a newly independent ‘s Nigeria as the backdrop.


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The film festival blasts away beneath us; Bandele clutches his coffee with the faintest air of desperation. There was a reading of my play at the Stephen Joseph theatre in ScarboroughAlan Ayckbourn’s theatre, and I was invited. The film begins on the eve of Nigerian independence inand follows two young women, Olanna Thandie Newton and Kainene Anika Noni Rosethe daughters of a wealthy Lagos businessman, as they pursue the privileges that beauty, family wealth, and their headstrong demeanors bring them.

boyi Some three decades later and Bandele has become a celebrated novelist and playwright who most recently moved behind the camera to try his movirs at directing. It’s also full of razor-sharp insight on immigration and cultural identity, the shifting concept of home, and blackness in America, Nigeria, and Britain. Like most kids in Kafanchan, a small town in the heart of Nigeria, he is a big fan of the martial arts supremo, frequenting the local cinema which almost exclusively shows Hong Kong karate movies or Bollywood films.

The film will also be released via national VOD outlets.