Tonight in another horror-filled episode of Fear Files 2, a story of man being killed and buried alive by his rivals is revealed to the viewers. The story initiates with entry of a brother and sister into the house. Bittu informs his elder brother that the house has been locked down since a few months and entering it could turn out to be dangerous. This painting is not an ordinary painting, but a haunted one with a restless spirit within. It has always been among the top 10 shows in the last 6 years, in the 1st week of the show stood at 4th position with tvt ratings. With hopes of getting to prosper, the man steals the dress and takes it along with him. A promotional logo of “Bhootwala Serial”. The strangers immediately attend to the girl and take her to the hospital.

How will the spirit of the snake come to rest? Today in another horror-filled episode of Fear Files 2. Even after the evil spirit is being taken out of the woman, it still haunts her and shows its presence by delivering its signs using paranormal means. The story starts with a boy and a girl talking to each other in a forest. When he looks at his bag, he finds it dripping with blood. Today in Fear Files we get to see civilians sculpting the statue of Goddess Durga.

Tonight in another horror filled episode of Fear Files 2, a story of a haunted red shoes bhooywala revealed. What makes show very popular is its humorous approach and strong connect with comman people, show has a strong impact on its viewers.

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They disassociated comedy from Greek dramatic representation and instead identified it with Arabic poetic themes and forms and they viewed comedy as simply the art of reprehension, and made no reference to light and cheerful events, or to the troubling beginnings and happy endings associated with classical Greek comedy. The high- octane thriller series will see a new story of fear every episode, where the characters will be exposed to the darkness of the diabolical mind rather than just physical harm at the hands of demons.

Those who gave them the onions had to face fate by giving their children’s lives. Tonight in another horror-filled episode of Fear Files 2, a story of a ghost that causes an accident of a family is revealed.


Tonight in another horror-filled episode of Fear Files 2, a story of a ghost that encounters a child is revealed. Her family take things lightly as they misunderstand the girl’s fear to be just because her wedding nearing.

He puts the post cards into his bag but gets horrified when he finds his hands drenched with blood. The story starts with a woman meeting a black magician, who grants her the power to communicate with evil spirits.

The ashes of the now haunted little girl posses the other girl cleansing herself. SDTV resolution by nation; countries using i are in green.

What story are bhootwxla going to watch today in byootwala horrifying episode of Fear Files 2? A man gets down from the car to help, but instead is murdered by the girl. Tonight in another horror-filled episode of Fear Files 2, the story revolving around witchcraft and black magic is revealed. In an episode, the cessation of the problem that a character faces is usually followed by a commentary by Taarak Mehta.

The show has achieved high ratings throughout its run irrespective of the Indian Premiere league. But just then, Javed reaches the scene and refuses to let them burn the house down as his family is still trapped inside.

The story unfolds when the bhooywala seen by the girl is that of her friend’s husband, whom they have supposedly killed. Aristotle defined comedy as an imitation of men worse than the average, however, the characters portrayed in comedies were not worse than average in every way, only insofar as they are Ridiculous, which is a species of the Ugly. Her worst fears turns into nightmare when she realizes that the college she is willing bhhootwala take admission in is the same college that she had seen in the dream.

The ashes of the little girl are poured in the river Yamuna. What more it has to do with the people it encounters?

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Title page of the first quarto of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Another fear filled episode of Fear Files brings to us another horror story of a little girl who meets with an accident and her soul possesses a doll that she used to play with. Watch ahead to find out. The drives loses the control and the car automatically stops.


Thaliamuse of comedy, holding a comic mask – detail of “Muses Sarcophagus”, the nine Muses and their attributes; marble, early second century AD, Via Ostiense – Louvre. She uses a cat to favour her in this setial act of her. Now the ghost of this snake starts haunting a family.

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Today in Fear Files, we get to see a story of the post card ghost who sends its message through the post cards. While the couple are asleep, the train stops at the haunted station, and the husband gets down to fill water.

This painting is not an ordinary painting, but a serual one with a restless spirit within. Aristophanes developed his type of comedy from the satyr plays. How will this little girl’s spirit find peace? What connection does Bijoy has with this ‘Haveli’? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ranging from chronicles of possessed, vindictive lovers to forays into some of the most legendary haunted places to exploratory accounts of undefined identities that possess the human body to stories that unravel the truth behind paranormal activities, this season of Fear Files will explore the myriad facets of fear.

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The baba reveals that this witch can only get free if she recieves a blood of a specific person. The station master sits at a station named Janakpur junction and he tells anybody who gets down on this station, would never return back. He then comes under bhootwal falling branch and it makes him unconscious. Today in Fear Files the topic touched is of supernatural forces.

He finds no one under the bed and sits up straight, and when he turns around, he finds a terrifying lady looking at him.