Talked to my son last night, fortunately got his money back and got a Gamo for Cons The locking mechanism on the break barrel is looser then my other guns, although easy to check for being loaded. What I really love is the dual barrels. Many thanks for revealing your blog. Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of. Gas Ram More from this Seller. Coupon excludes map items. Increased accuracy with avoided muscle fatigue.

At 35 yards I was surprised that there was not a significant drop. Again my rifle is sighted for heavy pellets. I’ve had my RS2 for over a year and am very happy. I’ve probably fired around rounds so far with no issue. The gun can basically shoot into one jagged hole at 15 yards. He’s been to the range many times and I have trained him on procedures for sighting in new guns. I like the dual caliber its worth every penny. Game stalker February 28, at

Have not had a chance to sight it in but it feels like a quality rifle compared to the Gamo.

Lightning Deal View All Deals. Things I would have changed: Maybe the spring broke? Worried its unsafe to load.

Anonymous May 22, at Not holding my breath. The ideal mileage between virtually any two USB devices will be 5 metre distances. Domed pellets are the only ones which shoot that good.

First, i shot with the adjustable sights. I mounted the scope and it still wouldn’t group.

I’ve eliminated all the gophers, rodents, and rabbits! It has a fully adjustable trigger. I like the gun.


The safety is automatically set to safe every time you break the barrel down to full cock. Hope to get something more. What are Bullseye Bucks. GunXpatriot March 1, at 7: Pros Comes with case, shoots. The cocking action compresses air behind the piston in a sealed tube.

Beeman RS2 Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Combo

It will not shoot to the same aimpoint, even if you sighted-in the barrel when swapping it previously. But I find the greatest concern is that each pellet is hand loaded; there’s no chute nor bolt that settles the pellet at an exact depth in the chamber.

At first had a problem with Accuracy, for the life of me everytime i got the sights adjusted, it was off again. I have to say that in reading other reviews where someone had reported scope issues and others where the machining was way off impacting the angle of the shot, I was worried. Air Gun and Firearms Trigger Lock.

She visited there with another engineer and was apalled at what she discovered. Best bet is spend more cash on a better American made product.

The problem was with the gun shooting hot and hard to get accuracy. It will be great for pest control especially given the fact that it’s so cheap. Lots of power Great rifle for the avid pellet shooter whether your preference is.

The XtremeConditioning Blog: Beeman Sportsman Series RS2 – Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Review

When fired, the spring is released and pushes the piston which rapidly compresses rjfle to propel the pellet. Just don’t like the iron sights.


In my opinion it is more fun with the iron-sights because it take shots just to sight in the scope and the scope isn’t even that accurate. Got one to sell? In the past 20 years I have shot competition smallbore and large bore rifles.

Lots of fun target shooting, the 4×32 scope is a little short on power, but Riflr hit pretty much everything I shoot at. Accuracy improved alot after this.

Beeman Air Rifles | eBay

Its way too powerful for a child anyway. I guess the gun that I received that was made serkes China was one of the good ones. Every barrel switch requires a new sight-in session. Below is an excerpt from a report. It will not shoot to the same aimpoint, even if you sighted-in the barrel when swapping it previously.

Inspected other boxes and they were the same. Beeman Wolverine Carbine Air Rifle. It was very easy to site in. I give it 4 stars as the open sights are sloppy, I took em off This has a polished bolt and everything.

At 35 yards I was surprised that there was not a significant drop. Grat March 6, at 1: He said he had problems hitting things right away.

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