Complete Series Box Set Edition: All Auction Buy It Now. The characters are clear, though the animation of say, the party at the mansion does show some age. Unfortunately, the flashback storyline and its somewhat weak conclusion hurt the film’s pace, and at one point, the Joker appears to nearly steal the show. Mask of the Phantasm Animated. Overview – The early 90’s saw DC Comics’ Batman ascend to one of the character’s many high points in terms of both popularity and available media. Even so, both versions share transfer and source issues.

SubZero – , 67 min. Mask of the Phantasm begins with both the series’ seminal music and with a Gotham that towers somewhere between NYC and Coruscant. Mask of the Phantasm Double Feature. You may also like. This disc is region 1 and will only play on players from Canada or USA, or you may have a player that can play multiple regions. Mask of the Phantasm [DVD] []. Many years have passed since the serious Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Animated.

Something that began with Tim Burton’s Batman live-action film was taken up in earnest in Batman: Got one to sell?

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More refinements More refinements And thus, only now indespite several cycles of Batman popularity, are we getting a Blu-ray version of Batman: What is worse is that there are several quick shots where character outlines and features are extremely soft, but in contrast, the natural noisy detail of the backgrounds, and even static shots of Batman like staring down the police is maintained.

Sadly, with so many comic book characters, including Batman, having done a version of this many times over on screen in the 21st century, this part of the story requires a more academic sense of appreciation.


At the box office, Batman: There are several key dialog exchanges that in a modern mix might be drowned out but are quite clear here. Or any number of other places capable of telling a story more coherent than Suicide Squad.

The printing on the slipcase’s backcover is sub par with the tiny text blurring to ineligibility. Region Code see all. But the parallel story structure, with its flashbacks and character challenges, could easily be done as a story arc in the current Daredevil Netflix series.

You may also like. Final Thoughts Many years have passed since the serious Batman: G More from this seller. The Animated Series was unsuccessfully pushed into primetime TV, and ultimately, after chasing a crossover audience, production was directed back towards a young, cartoon-hungry audience. There’s restraint in terms of his parents’ death at least visuallyand instead, more time is spent seeing a younger Bruce Wayne grappling with his commitments.

Both versions have their strengths. Bringing you all the best reviews of high definition entertainment.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Please provide a valid price range. The voice-acting is often extremely good or at least, well-suited for the content. Mask of the Phantasm debuted, but what’s worse, is that it’s been almost 20 years since the movie was brought to DVD as a flipper disc.

Mask of the Phantasm Filter Applied. Vinyl – Pre Loved.

A Dog’s Way Home. With the jump to Blu-ray, the extra fidelity of the 4×3 version is even more apparent than it was on DVD.


The theatrical version has the more dramatic framing, englixh the 4×3 version does show more of almost every frame. The extremes, such as the massive Batmobile are just as enjoyable as the simpler fare, like the shape of Batman’s eyes.

Thet text that precedes the 4×3 version serves as a slight tease. However, Bruce Wayne has other things on his mind: Gotham’s criminals are dying one by one and the culprit is the most mysterious of them all, the Phantasm.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Blu-ray Review | High Def Digest

Mask of the Phantasm brought the The Animated Series to the big screen, but there is more here on the Blu-ray to enjoy than a trip down memory lane. Criterion May Titles. SubZero -67 sybtitles. Skip to main content.

The Animated Serieswhich began in airing in Mask of the Phantasm comes to Blu-ray in p with two different aspect ratios.

Overall it’s a pleasing visual presentation. As a huge fan of Batman: All Auction Buy It Now. Many years have passed since the serious Batman: Mask of the Phantasm sank like a stone, and that initial commercial failure, along with the film’s slightly more adult subtitlrs, have doomed it to less-stellar treatment in terms of home video.