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Log In Sign Up. This event is organized in collaboration with the Conservatorio Luigi Boccherini of Lucca. Maestro Gianpaolo Mazzoli Director of the Conservatory will conduct the element orchestra. Some conversations were presented as stand-alone episodes in different venues such as film libraries, film festivals, art galleries and on television the national Italian TV channel Rai 3, in the program Fuori Orario cose mai viste. Buff2, Zengshou Yu1 and Andrea J. In a National premiere, the exhibit showcases 60 photographs and lithographs by David Lynch, present in Lucca. The Festival The tenth edition will host David Lynch and focus on his artistic journey that weaves together cinema, art, music and studies on Transcendental Meditation.

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Tribute to David Lynch retrospective, exhibit and encounters. A special emphasis will be given to his collaboration with his daughter Katrine Boorman, also a guest at the Festival.


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Kill Bill Marimba Whistle Theme. IVA Privacy Policy. The gala evening with Bressane is scheduled for Wednesday, October 1; and on the morning of October 3, the Maestro will hold a lesson on cinema specifically for schools, but with free admission to all.

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